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Managing conferences and meetings requires a tight handle on thousands of details and often dozens of staff members, and you know that preparation is the main ingredient for success. Planning Pod's conference software gives you more than 24 online tools at your fingertips in one convenient place so you can manage and track every detail as well as collaborate with your team members so everyone is on the same page. Try Planning Pod for free today and see how it can streamline your event management processes.

Productivity tools for keeping you and your team on task

Solid conference event management starts with a plan and with ensuring that all items in that plan get completed on time. Our conference management software gives you a task manager that lets you create a list of unlimited to-do's that you can assign to people and create due dates for. And our master calendar lets you and your team share calendars so that everyone knows where to be when and what they should be doing. In addition, you can create and manage notes / memos, messages, questionnaires, checklists and more to stay on top of your events.

Stay focused on your event-related items

With our conference management system, keeping track of the basics for your event is straightforward. Create budget templates and import them into event budgets where you can track every estimated, negotiated and actual cost as well as payments and totals. Set up itineraries / schedules for your event that map out every minute of your events. Upload your attendee lists to track attendee details and create to-scale, colorful table layouts and tradeshow layouts where you can add guests to seats for accurate seating arrangements. Our conference software lets you do all this and much more.

Business tools for managing more than your conferences

Our conference management system takes you beyond conference event management and provides additional tools and functions for tracking business details. You can create detailed proposal templates that you can then turn into new proposals and customize them for your clients. Then, when a client approves a proposal, you can create an electronic contract that your clients and stakeholders can sign online. And when you are ready to bill clients, you can turn proposals into invoices with a single click (or create invoices from scratch), email them to your clients directly from Planning Pod and even track payments. We even provide merchant credit card processing (at very competitive rates) so your clients can easily and effortlessly pay you via credit card ... and the funds get transferred directly into your bank account.

Collaborate online with team members, vendors, contractors and clients

Not only does our conference management software give you the tools you need to be more productive, but it also lets you share these tools with your co-workers, staff, vendors, subcontractors and clients, too. With every account you get unlimited users so you can invite team members into your account to collaborate. And because our software is online and compatible with all devices (including PCs and Macs as well as any tablet or smartphone), you and your team can access your details anytime, anywhere (as long as you are connected to the Internet).

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