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Our online meeting scheduler simplifies booking meetings at your facility - COMING SOON

To ensure your facility runs smoothly, you need to know at all times what meetings and events you have booked and when. Planning Pod's meeting room booking system gives you all the tools you need to track all your booked meeting rooms and much more. With 30+ easy-to-use online tools at your disposal, Planning Pod keeps you on schedule and makes sure you never double-book a meeting room or event space.

A meeting scheduler and much more

First things first ... our meeting room manager tools give you a clear picture of what rooms are on hold or booked for events. The master calendar shows what events are booked or held for certain days, and you can provide employees with permission to view and/or edit calendar entries. You can also assign contacts or clients to rooms and track additional details such as room rates and room rental information. Our meeting scheduling software also lets you set notifications and reminders for designated contacts regarding their bookings

Create proposals and invoices on the fly

If you run a facility like a conference center that charges for your bookings, you can use our meeting booking software to create detailed proposals for your prospects as well as invoices that you can directly email out from our meeting room scheduling software; you can also enter in your payments for invoices and use our merchant account processing to collect credit card payments from customers (transaction fees competitive with most major providers). In addition, you can create legal contracts for your customers and send them email notifications so they can electronically sign the documents, saving you time and effort to get your clients' signatures. And you can track and manage all this information in one convenient place.

Schedule resources and rentals for your meeting rooms, too

Not only can you use Planning Pod's online meeting scheduler software to book events and meetings ... you can also use it to book and track resources and rentals for those room. This includes things like tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment, linens, coffee equipment, plateware/silverware and much more. By allocating these items to rooms, you can ensure that you don't double-book resources and that you have adequate resources for your meeting room reservations. In addition, with our meeting room booking software you can add prices/costs to rental items and quickly pull those charges into invoices if necessary.

Track all kinds of event-related details

Included in the 30+ tools in our meeting room manager software are tools for managing budgets, itineraries / schedules, floorplans / seating arrangements, attendee lists, to-do's and much more. You can use these tools yourself to track details for your events, or you can share them with your clients if they need these tools to better manage their own events. Every package of our meeting scheduling software includes unlimited users so you can invite your co-workers to collaborate with you as well as provide vendors and clients with limited access to certain tools. More than a meeting room booking system, Planning Pod provides a wide array of event management tools as well as meeting room scheduling software tools so that you can run your entire facility with one integrated software application ... try Planning Pod free today and see for yourself why hundreds of meeting room venues use our system.

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