Try our meeting software and see why 1000s of meeting planners use it every day

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Try our meeting software and see why 1000s of meeting planners use it every day

Any meeting planner knows that there are thousands of details that go into planning every meeting ... and that each one is critical to the success of your event. Planning Pod's online meeting planning software delivers more than two dozen meeting planning tools specifically designed for professionals who want more control over all their details and who want a better way to manage their events. We offer a 30-day free trial so you can see for yourself why more meeting planners rely on us to help them streamline their events.

Simplify your meeting management protocols and processes

Many event and meeting planners use 20th century tools like spreadsheets, documents, email and post-its to track all the details and correspondence for their events ... but now there's a better way. Planning Pod meeting software has combined all the tools you need into one Web-based application so you can easily manage things like tasks / to-do's, checklists, notes / messages, files, vendors and more. In addition, we provide you with a master calendar that lets you track all the tasks and calendar items for all your events and that you can share with other users - plus you can also export your Planning Pod calendars into other electronic calendars like Gmail and Outlook.

Track all your event-related details and items

Our meeting management software enables you and your team to create entire budgets for your meetings (including estimated, negotiated and actual costs as well as vendor payments) as well as detailed itineraries / timelines with vendor assignments. In addition, with our meeting manager software you can manage your attendee lists (and RSVPs) as well as create detailed, to-scale floorplans / seating arrangements for your meetings and banquets; with these, you can create customized tables and shapes as well as insert walls, doors and more into your layout and drop attendees onto chairs.

Collaborate with your staff, co-workers and clients online

When you sign up for any package of our meeting software, you get unlimited users with your account, and you can invite those users into your account so you can collaborate with them on your event planning. You can assign your users to permission groups and set permission levels for these groups to control what areas of your account they can and cannot access. So if you need strategic meetings management software for you and a team, Planning Pod has you covered.

Create proposals, contracts and invoices on the fly

Not only can you manage your events with our meeting planning software, but you can also take care of many business details. Keep track of all your contacts (including vendors) and manage all your leads as they flow through your sales funnel. Create detailed proposal templates that you can quickly turn into customize proposals for your prospects. Then send out contracts electronically that can be signed by your new clients via the Internet. And then create detailed invoices that you can email to your clients directly from our meeting management software. Try Planning Pod today!

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