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Conference planning software that puts 26+ easy-to-use tools in one app

Now there's a better way to plan a conference than juggling lots of spreadsheets, documents and applications to manage all your details. Planning Pod provides 26+ timesaving tools in one complete online conference and seminar management software package. Built for small or large teams, our app makes it easy to store, organize, manage and share vital details as you plan every dimension of your conferences.

Collaborate online with your team members, clients and contractors

Often there are many individuals planning a conference, each with their own set of responsibilities and benchmarks. The benefit of our online conference management software is that you can invite an unlimited number of collaborators into your account and each event to share vital information. Co-workers can quickly track action items/to-do's and make updates without having to download or share lots of files. Clients can be kept appraised of progress and even participate in planning.

Manage your vendors and all their responsibilities in one place

Often you are managing at least several - and maybe even several dozen - vendors, contractors and subcontractors for each conference. Our tools let you keep detailed and current contact information for every vendor as well as associate vendors to things like budget line items or itinerary line items. Store and manage all your vendor-related documents - like proposals and contracts from your vendors - with our file sharing tool. Send out your own contracts to collect e-signatures. Track every detail related to vendor responsibilities with our event details tools.

Keep everyone on time and on task

Your conference planning software should not only be a good place to store details ... it should also let you know who needs to do what and when. With our complete task and calendaring tools, you can put deadlines on every to-do and calendar item; assign them to staff members; and set reminders. What's more, with handy at-a-glance dashboards and detailed reports, you can quickly see what has been completed, what hasn't and what is upcoming. You can also create detailed, multi-day itineraries to map out your schedules and seminar timelines.

Manage attendee registrations, event floorplans and much more with our online conference management software

If you are looking for conference planning software that includes things like an online conference registration system (coming soon), attendee management and event design/floorplan tools, Planning Pod has what you're looking for. More than two dozen tools, all online, inside of one convenient application. Great software for conference center managers, too. Try it free today and see why more professional conference planners rely on Planning Pod every day.

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