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Online event management tools for a better way to stay organized

Now there's a better way to manage your events than juggling lots of spreadsheets, documents and emails as well as going back and forth between lots of apps and software programs. Planning Pod pulls together 26+ easy-to-use tools into one complete event management solution, simplifying how you and your team access important details and collaborate. In addition, our software is cloud-based so there's nothing to download or backup and your information is stored securely.

Manage thousands of event details online

Planning Pod's innovative event management technology enables you to track every single detail for all your events - whether you are planning one event or hundreds. Our easy-to-use event management software includes tools for managing and tracking budgets, itineraries / timelines, attendee / guest lists, files, images and much more. In addition, you can create a to-scale floorplan layout for your event and use the guest list tool to add guest to seats to create a seating chart. All this information is stored securely in the cloud so you can retrieve it on your Web-connected computer, tablet device or mobile device.

Manage staff and clients in one convenient place

Not only can you track all your event details with our online event management tools, but you can also invite an unlimited number of co-workers and clients to collaborate with you in your account. Once invited, user can create their own username and password for secure access. In addition, you can set permissions for your user groups so that you can control exactly who can view and access certain sections of and tools in your account. With our flexible permission settings, you, your co-workers and your clients can all access event details and share information via Planning Pod's online interface, so you no longer have to pass information back and forth via email and log into a server to access files.

Manage tasks and calendars to track all your deadlines and appointments

Keeping on top of all your event-related tasks, deadlines and assignments is vital if you want your event to come off without a hitch. Planning Pod 's event management systems include tools for tracking your calendars and to-do's. Our calendar tool lets you create personal ad-hoc calendars that you can share with your co-workers as well as event calendars for each of your events; you can access your master calendar via computer, tablet or mobile devices. Our to-do list tool gives you the ability to set up a to-do list template that you can use over and over again, then you can pull this template into an event where you can set due dates for to-do's and assign them to yourself and other users. All your upcoming items are displayed in your daily review dashboard, and you will receive email alerts on the morning when items are due.

Manage finances and administrative details

No event management software is complete without tools for managing money and administrative details for your business or department. Comprehensive yet straightforward prospecting tools let you track leads (and download lead reports); create contracts and collect electronic signatures; build proposals templates; and create customized proposals with unlimited line items. And when you are ready to bill your clients, you can either turn a proposal into an invoice or create an invoice on the fly. For invoices, you can create unlimited line items as well as pull in hours worked on your events (via our time tracking tool) and pull in expenses created in the finances tool. Regarding the finances tool, you can easily manage your income and expenses with our ledger-style finances interface and create customized expense and income categories, plus print out profit-and-loss and unbilled expense reports.

Try Planning Pod's innovative event management technology today

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