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Comprehensive online meeting software with 26+ easy-to-use tools

Tired of juggling an assortment of spreadsheets, documents, emails and applications to plan your meetings? We have a better way. Planning Pod online meeting planner software pulls together more than two dozens tools into one application so you can manage your budgets, schedules, attendees, vendors and much more via the Web. Plus you can use it on your computer, tablet or handheld device so your meeting information is always with you.

Centralize and manage every meeting-related detail

Whatever kind of meeting you are planning - annual meeting, staff meeting, shareholder meeting, etc. - you can plan it with our meeting planning software app. Just log in and you have instant access to tool for storing and managing all your details. Create itemized budgets, detailed itineraries and schedules and quick checklists. Develop questionnaires that you can send out. Upload and send out contracts for e-signatures. Even track the time that staff members spend on planning the event.

Manage staff and stakeholders and collaborate with them online

Not only can you manage your details in one place, you can also invite other people who are responsible for planning the event into your account so you all can collaborate and share information. Our meeting management software provides you and your team with tools for creating and assigning to-do's and calendar items associated with your meeting planning as well as tool for messages, notes and more. Plus you can control what tools and areas of your account that users can access.

Track your attendees and manage event setup with ease

Attendee / guest management and tracking is a critical component of meeting management, and our online meeting software gives you full control over this process. Use our meeting planner software to create multiple guest lists for each event (ideal for meetings where you may need more than one attendee or guest list). Store attendee contact details as well as RSVP / registration confirmations as well as meal counts and other attendee-specific information. In addition, you can create event layout designs and seating arrangements with our drag-and-drop event floorplan tool ... just pull guests onto chairs and move them around.

Looking for the best meeting planning software? Try Planning Pod and see why thousands of meeting planners prefer our tools.

Our philosophy is that meeting manager software should make meeting planning easier and more streamlined. That's why we have consulted with hundreds of meeting professionals to build a meeting management software application that's flexible enough to adapt to how you manage meetings while still simplifying tasks and processes. Try Planning Pod free for 30 days and discover why more meeting pros choose us.

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