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Our online app plays well with Google, Facebook and other popular platforms

If you are like most other event professionals, your information is spread across many applications and platforms. Planning Pod makes it fast and easy to pull your information from these sources into our event manager software for professionals in the events industry. Import your contacts directly from Google Gmail or Facebook. And, coming soon, collect payments via our system using third-party applications and share Google Docs.

Importing Data

Quickly and easily import your information from other apps

Nothing is more frustrating than using a piece of software that forces you to start from scratch. We built our online project management software for events so you could import your contacts and calenders from all popular address books and electronic calendars. Simply export your address book or calendar from your existing application and import it into our application. Our system accepts most major file types - including vCard, .csv, Excel and .ics files.

Productivity software for event planners that plays well with other apps

We realize that you have your information spread across lots of software apps and don't desire to stop using many of them, so we have built our project management tools for event planners to be compatible with other applications. Either you can directly import your contacts and calendars from those applications or you can import files that you have exported from those applications.

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