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Finances Manager

Track your money in and money out to the penny

Keeping track of your books probably isn't among your favorite things to do. Our finances manager can help you make quick work of managing every expense and income. Create entries for payments and expenditures. Tag expenses so you can rebill them to clients. Use our categories for expenses and income, or create your own.

Proposals and Invoices

Create custom invoices and proposals with our tools

With our professional event planning software, you can create professional-looking proposals and line-item invoices featuring your logo. Attach documents and images to proposals. Track multiple payments for invoices. And create reusable proposal templates to save you time.

Finances Tools for Event and Wedding Professionals

Not only can you track all your revenues and expenditures with our event management app, but you can also run reports for you finances including: profit and loss statements filtered by date and billed vs. unbilled time. And in our invoicing area you can get an at-a-glance look at your receivables.

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