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Guest list software that simplifies tracking attendee details

With Planning Pod's online guest list manager, all your attendee details are at your fingertips and can be searched and sorted in a variety of ways. This is possibly the most important task in managing your events, so you need a set of reliable tools you can count on to accurately track and store your guest information. Our online software features the latest in attendee and guest list management and makes it easy for you and your team to access attendee information.

Use our tools for any type of guest or attendee setup

Are you planning a conference, meeting or for-fee event where you need to collect registration fees via your event Web site? Or maybe you are planning a wedding, party or RSVP-style event where you need to control who RSVPs and collect things like meal selections? Our online guest list app is flexible enough to handle both kinds of events and collect your attendee information in one convenient place.

Track every single detail for each of your attendees

You would expect any guestlist app to be able to store the contact and RSVP information of each guest (which ours does). But our guest list software tool goes beyond the expected to provide places to store information for travel details; hotel and lodging details; invitation wording; payment and ticketing details; groups and families; Plus 1s; and much more. And once you have your master list, you can create sub guest lists from it if you have smaller events attached to your larger event.

Collect registrations or RSVPs

Our guest list program lets you set up your event from the outset to accept paid registrations; free registrations; or to collect RSVPs from an attendee list you have already uploaded. Sort your attendees with a variety of filters. In addition, once you have all your attendee details, you can download these details to .csv files or PDFs to take with you. Sort for paid/unpaid attendees; yes/no RSVPs; guest priority; and much more.

Build an event Web site page

The Planning Pod guestlist app includes the ability to create a customized event Web site page for registration and informational purposes. Set up your registration to include all kinds of registrations, including different ticket/registration types; early-bird and other discounts; discount codes; group registrations; and more. Or set up your event Website page to confirm attendee identities (with passcodes) and collect RSVPs as well as meal counts and other preferences. Send out invitations or promotional emails related to your event as well as email reminders for people who have registered or RSVPs. And include photo galleries, text descriptions, information on entertainment and speakers and much more.

Check in guests when they arrive

The guest check in app is part of the main guest list app and lets you check in your attendees at the door using a tablet device or a mobile phone. You can simply search for the guest in your list via scrolling or search, or scan a QR code from the guest's mobile device or a printed ticket. And if you have multiple people checking attendees in from multiple spots, the check in information syncs in your account so it updates in real time on all user's devices.

Try our online guest list manager plus 25+ more event management tools

See for yourself how our online guestlist app can streamline your attendee and guest list management and tracking. Try it free for 30 days along with our other popular event planning tools.

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