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Make sure everyone is on the same page and on task

When you work in a project-based environment and with multiple team members and lots of deadlines, you know how critical it is that everyone finishes their tasks on time so that things stay on track. Our team collaboration software gives you many tools that you and your team members can share. Easily create and assign to-do's and track when things are completed. Use checklists for lists of items. Share budgets to make sure you're staying on budget. Track appointments and meetings with calendars you can share. And easily share files, documents and images.

Keep your communications consolidated in one place

Many times it's the small notes, messages and ideas that are critical to the success of a project, so why risk burying those ideas in your email inbox, voice mail or under a stack of paper. Our message and notes tools give you a single place where you and your team members can collaborate, and they provide a record of everything that has been said. In addition, our project collaboration software provides a questionnaire tool so you can collect feedback from clients and team members.

Manage everything from your own dashboard

Our event business collaboration software will let you and your team members know when things are due (and overdue). When you and each of your team members log in, the daily review dashboard tells about today's to-do's, calendar events and job activity as well as any upcoming items. And you will also receive a daily email reminder of all these items as well.

Online collaboration events software for event professionals and managers

There are all kinds of areas where you collaborate with your staff, clients and contractors. Tasks and to-do's. Budgets. Sharing files and documents. Reviewing and commenting on images. Communicating and trading messages. Setting appointments and meetings. And our event team collaboration software program gives you tools to do all this and more.

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