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Easy Importing

Pull your contacts and calendars into our app in a few clicks

It would be silly of us to assume you're starting from scratch when it comes to your address book and calendar. Of course you are using other tools to currently store your contacts and manage your meetings and appointments, which is why we have made it easy to import standard address book and calendar files that you can export from your current applications - including vCard, .csv and Excel files for contacts and .ics files for calendars. This way you can manage all your contact information and calendar events in one convenint place ... in our online event management program.

Quick Setup

Customize your account to look like your personal software app

In just a few minutes, you can choose a color style and font for your account that reflect your brand; upload your logo to display on your account dashboard and on all PDF downloads; and start creating templates for to-do lists, budgets, itineraries, proposals, questionnaires and more. Create your free trial account and find out for yourself how easy it is to get started with Planning Pod.

Getting started with our Web-based event / online wedding planning program is simple

As small business owners ourselves, we understand you don't have hours and hours to spend learning a new piece of project management / event planner software. So we have simplified the steps for getting started with our softare for events businesses. Just upload your contacts. Upload your calendar. Pick the colors and font for your account. Upload your logo. Set up some of the templates you will use over and over again. And start inviting other people into the system to collaborate on projects and get stuff done. That's it.

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