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Make the most of the modern Web to connect with your clients

What's great about the Internet is that you can share resources with clients, staff and vendors to get things done faster and with more precision. Using our online event management software, you can provide contacts with limited access to your account and invite them into projects so you can share messages, ideas, files and more, all the while controlling access to what they can and cannot view. You have the ability to give them access to as many or as few areas as you wish.

Shared Event Planning Software Tools for Event Planners

Review event details with clients online and give them tools to collaborate with you with our shared planning tools. Now there's a way to easily show your clients the progress you are making on their events by giving them access to the areas of Planning Pod where you are organizing their details. Here's an example of how it works. Say you have been storing a client's event itinerary inside their Event in Planning Pod. There's a control panel in Planning Pod where you can give your clients to access this or any area (including guest lists, budgets and a shared calendar) as well as provide them with their own username and password. That way they can log into whatever area of our online wedding and event software you designate and collaborate with you online.

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