Simple global settings make it easy to manage your account

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Global Settings

Control every aspect of your account in one central place

The Global Settings area of our online event management software app gives you control over the look-and-feel of your account; how you send and receive email notifications from our system; how dates display; what currency symbol displays; and much more.

System Access Levels Settings

Control what your account users can see and modify

With our System Access Levels controls, we have set up four default user groups - Super Admin, Admin, Employee and Client/Vendor. You can adjust the settings for what areas of your account each group can access and make changes to, giving you complete power over who does what in our online event manager software.

Global Settings Administrative Controls from Planning Pod

In addition to the features mentioned above, our administrative controls let you upload your logo; adjust the display the colors and font of your account; upgrade or downgrade your account package; cancel your account at anytime; invite other users into your account; and much more.

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