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Track your hours worked with ease

If you run an events business, your time is literally money, so it's critical that you have a leakproof process for entering, saving and tracking the billable time for you and all your staff members. And if you run an event management departments inside of an orgnization, you probably need to track your hours for each staff member for each project. Our online app does many things very well, and one of them is tracking time. Our online time tracking software tool lets you and your employees enter time by person (and any increment to two decimals); a description of the work; the date the work was completed; and a category for the type of work performed. Our online time tracking application takes care of the rest, giving you an on-screen description of each entry a well as a running total of all time entered. You can also run a PDF download that provides a summary of all the time entries for a job.

Create categories for time entries

If you have many different categories of work as well as different hourly rates for them, you can create unlimited time entry categories with our online time tracking program and then associate an hourly rate for each category. For example, if you have categories of account management, vendor relations, event planning, seating arrangement planning, etc. - but you have different hourly rates for them - you can use our time entry category manager to create these separate categories and give each its own hourly rate. This way when you pull the entries into an invoice the categories and hourly rates get pulled in, too.

Instantly pull your time into invoices

In just a few clicks, you can turn time entries into line items in an invoice, eliminating the effort and any inaccuracies of doing this task by hand. This is just one of the many ways our online timesheet software program can save you time and aggravation.

Online time tracking software ... and so much more to run your events business

We are creative professionals ourselves, which is why we built this system ... to make all your everyday tasks of running a business much easier. This includes everything from our online timesheet program to our tools for managing to-do's, files, images, guest lists, itineraries, event details, messages, questionnaires, proposals, invoices, contacts, calendars and legal contracts.

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