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Event Vendor Manager Tools

Stay on top of all your vendors and their information

Most events have one or more vendors who you are counting on to come through and help you create a stunning experience, so it's critical to have all their information at your fingertips. With our online event and wedding planner software, you can manage vendor contact information with our contacts tool; assign them to events; give them assignments in day-of itineraries; associate them with budget line items; invite them into projects to collaborate with you; and even bill-through their expenses with our finances tool. In many ways, our application is set up to streamline your relationships with your vendors.

Vendor Management Software Tools for Event Planners

You probably have many favorite vendors you have come to rely on to help you create memorable events for your clients. Our vendor management tools give you a place to store contact and other important information regarding your vendors. Here you can arrange vendors by category/group (florists, photographers, etc.), and our handy search tools let you easily browse through them to find the vendor you're looking for. In addition, our comprehensive online event and wedding planner application gives you the ability to add a vendor to an Event/Project. And if you have your vendor information on an Excel spreadsheet, it only takes seconds to upload it into our contact manager.

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