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Collect free and paid event registrations online. Build customized event registration forms and websites. Manage attendee details and easily check in guests on site.

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Build custom event registration websites and more with our online event registration software.

Streamline how attendees register for your events and how you manage their details with our easy-to-use event registration tools

Whatever kind of events you plan - free or paid, social or corporate, nonprofit or for-profit - Planning Pod's event registration management tools are built to simplify how you accept and track registrations. Set up multiple tickets and pricing options. Create an event registration website for your attendees or post the event registration form on your own site. Use our guest check-in app to process guests at the door and collect on-site registrations. And much more.

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Build Custom Registration Forms

Set up event registration forms for collecting payments, guest details and more

Our online event registration system gives you the freedom to tailor your registration forms to your specific needs. Add one or more ticket types with multiple payment options (including free ticketing and group tickets) and pricing tied to time ranges. Collect attendee details, including contact information, meal choices, answer to custom questions and even files (for collecting documents and submissions). And collect registration fees using our integrated credit card processing.

You can also set up items like discount codes, event policies/FAQs and post-registration confirmation notifications and emails as well as upload files that attendees can download after registering (for directions, program schedules, etc.).

Collect Registrations Online

Collect registrations through sites you build in Planning Pod or elsewhere

Wherever you need to collect event registrations and tickets, we provide the tools to make it happen. First, you can build your own custom event registration sites inside of Planning Pod for each event. Our sites are mobile-responsive so your attendees can visit your site and register easily on any device. Intuitive drag-and-drop tools make it easy to add text blocks, images, galleries, videos, maps and schedules to your sites. You can also quickly integrate with social sharing tools to link to your social media pages and let site visitors post about your event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Plus cusomize your site's URL or even buy your own domain.

And if you want to use your own site built outside of Planning Pod, you can embed our online event registration form into another site. That way you can easily collect registrations from Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla sites as well as sites built on many other platforms.

Attendee Management & Checkin

Quickly check in attendees plus collect registrations and payments on site

Once you arrive on site, Planning Pod streamlines how you process attendees who are arriving at your events. Our event guest check-in tool lets you look up attendees via a smart list so you can check them in. In addition, attendees can also print out their ticket or pull it up on their smartphone and you can scan their unique QR code to check them in.

If you are hosting a paid event, you can also accept paid registrations at the door, as our event registration app lets you accept credit card payments and create tickets on-the-fly for attendees arriving without a ticket.

Event Management Tools

24+ integrated tools for managing every event detail

Planning Pod has the tools for managing online registration for events ... and so much more. For starters, you can build to-scale floorplans and table layouts for each event. Our room layout tool integrates with our attendee management tools so you can drag-and-drop attendees onto seats to create customized seating arrangements for your events.

In addition, you can use our productivity tools to manage tasks, calendars, files, checklists, notes and worksheets ... collaboration tools for sharing messages and images ... financial tools for managing budgets, contracts, invoices and proposals ... and more. Plus we integrate with other applications like Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, MailChimp and more.

What's inside our easy-to-use online registration software for events

Thousands of event professionals and a wide variety of businesses, professional associations, universities and nonprofits rely on our online event registration tools every day. Here are just a few of the reasons why they prefer Planning Pod.

Features include:

Flexible Ticketing

Create tickets with free, open or fixed pricing plus min./max. quantities, descriptions, sale date ranges, group ticketing, sold out options, more.

Registration Websites

Create custom event websites to collect registrations and display schedules, locations, imagery, videos. Mobile- and tablet-friendly.

Embeddable Forms

Easily embed your registration forms in other sites and other platforms to sell tickets in multiple places.

Credit Card Processing

Easily collect online payments for registrations. 2% + $0.99 service charge and 2.9% transaction fee per ticket. No setup required.


Add the option for attendees to donate additional money beyond the cost of tickets.

Discount Codes

Create discount codes (with "good-by" date ranges and maximum uses) for a percentage or dollar amount off each order.

Registration Questionnaires

Create custom questions for ticket buyers to provide contact details, meal choices, travel details, preferences, etc., upon registration.

File Uploads/Downloads

Allow attendees to upload files after registering. Also post files (like directions, schedules, etc.) that attendees can download.

Order Confirmations

Set up custom on-screen and email order confirmation notifications as well as PDF tickets, .ics files (for attendees to add event dates to calendars), more.

Event Check-In

Use our guest check-in app at the door to check in attendees. Plus effortlessly accept registrations and payments on site.

Attendee Management

Collect and manage details for every registered attendee, including ticket and contact information, meal choices, responses to custom questions.

Venue Integration

Add venue information to each ticket to communicate to attendees where and when the event is occurring.

Check Payments Option

Provide your attendees with the option register and then pay by mailed check.

Refunds & Transfers

Be able to set refund policies and accept ticket refunds. Also allow/disallow attendees to transfer tickets easily.

Seating Arrangements

Drag-and-drop guests from your attendee list onto seats in your Floorplans to create assigned seating arrangements.

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"We are very happy with Planning Pod and would recommend them to other companies and event planners HANDS DOWN!!"

Derek Basista

Charity Events Group

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Jon'll Boyd

Completely Yours Events

"As a meeting planner for a state association, I use Planning Pod for our two large state meetings ... and my staff and I always know what's going on."

Kathy Ridley

Illinois State Dental Society

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