Event Floor Plans. Simplified.

Online event floor plan software that makes building professional, colorful, to-scale layouts easy. No CAD experience needed.

Design fully customizable floorplans and seating charts for meetings, weddings & more with our event floor plan creator.

Learn why hundreds of event & wedding planners, venues and caterers prefer our cloud-based tools

Simply put, Planning Pod has made every step of creating event floor plans easier. Adding and customizing elements. Building templates for frequently used layouts. Collaborating with staff and clients online. Seating attendees at seats. And downloading colorful, printable PDFs, attendee lists and name tags. All in one convenient tool.
Try our event floor plan software free today and see how simple it is.

Customizable & Colorful

Create floor plans as stylish as they are accurate

Our online event floor plan maker provides dozens of drag-and-drop design elements - including tables, furniture, floors, architectural elements, A/V and outdoor items - that you can label, duplicate, rotate and color-code.

And it does much, much more. Like enable you to upload background images/blueprints for your venues and spaces onto which you can place elements. Create adjustable rulers so you can precisely place elements. Add notes and comments where necessary. And quickly configure and download PDFs for colorful, printable floor plan documents.

Collaboration & Convenience

Instant online access for team members and clients

Not only can you and your co-workers, contractors and clients access your designs online and collaborate visually using our event floor plan creator, but you can also control what events and floorplans these users can access.

And to make things even easier, you can build and store event floor plan templates for particular venues, rooms and spaces. You can even create templates for multiple floorplan layouts for each space. This is a great timesaving feature for event planners, caterers and venues alike who may use the same spaces and setups frequently.

Fast Seating Setups

Build drag-and-drop seating charts in minutes

Our easy event floor plan maker tool works with our attendee list tool so you can attach guest lists to floor plans and quickly start placing guests on seats. First, you can upload your attendees from a file or from another application (like Google Gmail, Salesforce or MailChimp) and then group them or add Plus Ones. You can also track RSVP status, meal choices and responses to custom questions for each attendee as well as their contact information.

Once your attendees have been added, you can place them on seats in the floor plan designer and easily track and change what tables or chairs they have been assigned to. You can include names and meal choices to PDF downloads of your floor plans for printing out detailed event seating arrangements. And you can easily download your attendee lists and print out name badges or tags.

More Than Just Floor Plans

Dozens of additional tools for managing every event detail

Planning Pod does not stop at floor plan and guest list management, offering you many more event management software tools. Like an event website builder for creating a unique website for each event and collecting RSVP respones online. Financial tools for creating and managing proposals, invoices and budgets. Project management tools for tracking calendars, appointments, to-do's, event-related files and checklists. Vision boards and message boards for online brainstorming and communcations. And much, much more.

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What's inside our easy-to-use event floorplan creator

Hundreds of event professionals - and more than 20,000 of their team members and clients - use our professional floor plan software for weddings, meetings, parties, fundraisers and many other kinds of events. Here are the many reasons why they rely on our floorplan design tools ... and why you can, too.

Features include:

Reusable Templates

Build event floor plan templates for setups you use repeatedly. Great for venues or if you use the same spaces or rooms.

Compatible With CAD Images

Upload images developed in CAD applications and use them as backgrounds for your floor plans. Great for uniquely shaped rooms.

Guest Lists & Seating

Upload guests and their details from files or other applications. Quickly drag-and-drop them onto seats. Track RSVPs and meal choices.

Reports & Downloads

Download printable, full-color PDF files of your floor plan designs. Export equipment and guest lists. Create printable name badges.

Venue Library

Keep all your your venues and spaces/rooms organized and attach event floor plan templates to them for easy access.

View/Zoom Options

Switch between different views for enhanced design, table service area and attendee details. Quickly zoom in or out.

To-Scale Accuracy

Once you set up each floor plan with custom length/width dimensions, every element you place is to-scale.

Rulers & Notes

Add adjustable rulers to accurately place elements in your floor plans. Add customized notes to clarify and explain.

Security & Permissions

Each user has their own login for enhanced security, and you can set permissions for editing or view-only access.

Design elements include:

Tables & Chairs

Add round, rectangular, square or oval tables of any size. Easily place standard chair types around tables or in rows.

Floors & Furniture

Includes tiled and solid floors, trade show booths, sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and plants.

Stages & Entertainment

Includes squared or curved stages, DJ booths, band setups, podiums and microphones.

Architectural Items

Includes doors, walls, columns, stairs, drapery, restrooms and velvet ropes/stanchions.

Food & Beverage

Includes square or round dessert tables, bars / beverage carts and concession stands.

Outdoor Items

Includes tents, canopies/chuppahs, heating lamps, cooling fans and outdoor restrooms.


Includes projectors, screens, monitors, soundboards, uplighting and lighting trusses.

Safety & Fire

Includes fire extinguishers, fire exits, hoses and sprinklers.


Includes placeholders for cars/taxies, buses, planes and trains.

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Hear why hundreds of event professionals prefer Planning Pod's event management and design tools

"I have tried all the other event planning software that is out there, and nothing comes remotely close to Planning Pod."

Heather Wittneben

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"Thank you a million times for making our lives easier. Your product is fantastic! Easy to use and a lot of features that let me keep everything under control..."

Sabrina Cadini

La Dolce Idea

"We are very happy with Planning Pod and would recommend them to other companies and event planners HANDS DOWN!!"

Derek Basista

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