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There are many moving parts in running a food services / catering business, and sometimes it only seems like food is just the start of the things you have to manage. Planning Pod brings together 30+ Web-based tools that let you manage every detail in one convenient place so you and your staff are more organized and prepared for every client and event.

Build and price out your menus and turn them into quick proposals

Who has time to build menus and proposals from scratch for every prospect? Our beverage and food service management software lets you first create all your menus with detailed ingredients and pricing. You can modify these templates at any time for your clients and pull them into proposals when the time is right (and you can also create proposal templates to save you time, too). Plus you can easily manage all your prospects and leads with our handy CRM and contact management tools.

Create banquet event orders and production sheets in short order

As well as creating outward facing documents for your prospects and customers, Planning Pod food and beverage management software lets you create internal documents for your staff and kitchen based on the information contained in your clients' customized menus and proposals. Create banquet event order templates that work best for your business and then import customized data for each client into your templates. And then compile your menu information into production sheets for your kitchen, giving kitchen staff details on ingredients, amounts, servings, etc.

Generate invoices and collect payments online

No food and beverage software is complete without giving you the means to get paid. With Planning Pod, you can generate invoices directly from proposals, from scratch or from invoice templates that you can create and then customize. Our food service management software also gives you the means to collect credit card payments directly from customers and have payments deposited directly into your business' bank account (and our merchant credit card processing fees are very competitive, too). All this is done inside your Planning Pod account so that you and your staff can see every invoice and payment for your business.

Schedule shifts for your staff and allocate resources to all your events

If you have waiter and bar staff that work events, our catering management software program also provides you with staffing management tools for scheduling staff members for shifts and allowing staff members to log in to view their work calendars and make requests online. You can also upload your entire rental inventory of chairs, tables, silverware/plateware/glassware, linens, decore and more and then allocate items to events so you can accurately track and bill for these items across all your events. Try Planning Pod's online food and beverage management tools today for free.

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