An easier way to plan your clients' wedding ceremonies and receptions

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Wedding Ceremony and Reception Planner

Manage all your client's wedding details in one convenient place

Count on our ceremony and reception planning tools to help you give your clients the day of their dreams. Even the smallest weddings have hundreds of details to save and manage, and the tools inside our online wedding planning software for professionals give you control over each and every detail.

Online Software for Managing Wedding Ceremony and Reception

As an event and wedding planner, you put all your heart into making sure each client's wedding day is picture perfect, and our ceremony and reception planning tools let you manage every detail - no matter how small. They provide dozens of areas for entering and tracking specific ceremony and reception items and vendors, including:

In addition, you can provide your clients with access to any of this information so you can show them the progress being made on their wedding and go over details with them online.

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