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Manage weddings and any other kind of event with our wedding application

You have a wide variety of event and wedding software programs to choose from, so why try ours? For starters, because more planners use our online wedding app than any other Web-based tool for wedding professionals. In addition, our wedding tools let you manage all your event details; collaborate with staff and clients in real time; and manage your business details, too. Finally, we continue to make improvements and updates to our tools based on the feedback of our customers.

Track your event-related details with specialized event and wedding tools

As a wedding planner, you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. Not only are you the one who must track hundreds of items and details, but you must also coordinate among staff, clients and vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly. Our professional software for weddings provides the resources and tools you need to manage budgets, guest lists, itineraries, to-do's, checklists, questionnaires, files, image galleries and messages. We even provide an event website builder so you can create a customized site for each event to communicate with guests and collect RSVPs.

Grow your event and wedding planning business with business management tools

Few wedding software programs go beyond event and project management, but ours does. We realized that most event planning entrepreneurs don't have time to learn accounting or CRM software. They need tools that they can start using that day and that don't require a big learning curve. So we built a system that's easy to get up and running. Create invoices on-the-fly and track payments and money in/out. Keep track of your leads and create customized proposals. Manage your legal contracts electronically and collect e-signatures. Keep tabs on your address book and calendar.

The preferred choice among online wedding software programs for wedding planners

As business owners in a creative industry ourselves, we know what it's like to both do the work and also run the business. And though we wouldn't have it any other way, sometimes all the busywork weighs on you. That's why we built Planning Pod. Our event and wedding application for professionals offers more than two dozen tools to save you time and make your more productive. But don't just take our word for it ... try our wedding app yourself for 30 days and see how it works for you.

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