Easily track all the messages and notes for your events

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Notes and Messaging Tools

Keep all your communications in one convenient place

Stop relying on a jumble of emails, voicemails and post-its to keep track of the progress of your events and start using our notes and messages tools. They let you and your staff, clients and vendors trade messages and ideas in one central place, and they also give you a record of communications that you can refer back to if there's any confusion as to who agreed to what.

Notes and Messages Manager

The notes and messages tools are an organized alternative to copious post-its and printouts. With these event management tools by your side, you'll be able to create and categorize all of your notes for each particular client and evenrt. You can create a downloadable PDF for individual or multiple notes. You can also send an email with individual or multiple notes to vendors, clients, or staff members.

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