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There are many challenges in planning events for a nonprofit. Coordinating your team members and committees. Managing your attendees and seating arrangements. And tracking hundreds of event details, from budgets and files to tasks and schedules. Planning Pod gives you more than two dozen tools so you can manage it all in one convenient place and never miss a step.

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Collaborate Online Easily

Connect and collaborate with your team and stakeholders

Never again will you, your team members or your committee members have to juggle lots of spreadsheets, documents and notes back and forth. Gone are the days of misplaced or overwritten files and exchanging critical details via scattered email chains. With our event planning software for non profits, you can manage all your event details in one convenient place and have complete control over who has permission to view and edit information.

You can easily invite users into your account, assign them to events and tasks and give them access to only the areas and tools they need to use. Because our application is Web-based, you and your users can access information in your account on any device connected to the Internet. This way, everyone can have real-time access to schedules, budgets, floorplans, attendee lists, worksheets, task lists, checklists and any other details for your events.

Manage Guests & Registrations

Track of all your registered attendees and their details

Whether you are planning a fundraiser, meeting, conference or another type of event, our nonprofit event planning software gives you the tools to manage all your attendees and their details, including contact information, RSVP status, meal choices and answers to custom questions they provide during the RSVP or registration process. Not only can you upload your guest lists and track the status of each attendee, but you can also create colorful, to-scale room layouts and assigned seating arrangements for each event.

You can also create a customized nonprofit event website for every event, featuring modules for images, galleries, videos, text, locations, schedules/programs, social media, RSVPs/registration and more. And, coming soon, we will be offering full-featured online event registration for non profits, including tools for setting up and collecting free or paid registrations and tickets online as well as an event check-in app for your staff at the door.

A Place for Every Detail

More than two dozen tools for managing non-profit events

Whatever type event detail you need to manage, our fundraising event planning software has a tool for it. Build detailed budgets and track payments and payment due dates. Create tasks with due dates and assign them to people. Use event calednars for setting up meetings and appointments. Employ worksheets to track all sorts of details like committees, decor, sponsorships, food-and-beverage, venue specs and more. Upload and share files. Create online forms to collect input or feedback. Track messages, notes and more.

In addition, you can create templates inside your account for things you use over and over again, like task lists, schedules/itineraries, checklists, master budgets, worksheets, floorplan layouts and forms. To get you started, we have provided 37+ pre-built templates in every new account.

Info Always at Your Fingertips

Access your information from the cloud, on any device

Because our charity event management software is Web-based, all you need is an Internet connection to access your account. Our application is also fully responsive, so you can use it on any computer - PCs or Macs - as well as any smartphone or tablet - including iPhones, iPads and Android devices - via the device's Web browser.

And when it comes to downloading your information, we have made that easy too. You can download a variety of reports to PDF or .csv files that you can then print out, including floorplans, itineraries/schedules, budgets, task lists, contact and attendee lists, form responses and worksheets.

What's inside our easy-to-use non profit event planner software

Hundreds of event professionals and a wide variety of non-profits - including associations, charities, religious organizations, social / recreational clubs and organizations for health, education and the arts - use Planning Pod to manage their events and fundraisers. Here are just a few of the reasons why they rely on our fundraiser and event planning software ... and why you can, too.

Features include:

Itineraries & Schedules

Build a schedule/timeline for each event and assign items to vendors and contacts. Pre-built meeting and fundraiser timeline templates included.

Tasks & Checklists

Create and assign tasks and set due dates and email reminders. Build handy checklists. Includes pre-built task list templates for fundraisers and meetings.


Color-coded calendars for all your non-profit events. Sync with other e-calendars like Google and Outlook.

Event Registration & RSVPs

COMING IN MID-2016: Set up online ticketing to collect free or paid registrations from your attendees. Collect RSVPs, meal choices, more.

Event Websites

Build colorful, customizable nonprofit event websites that look great on smartphones and tablets. Includes images, galleries, text, videos, schedules, social media, more.

Attendee Lists

Upload your guests (from a file or another application) and track their contact and attendance information. Download lists to PDF or .csv files and print out name tags.

Layouts & Seating Charts

Build to-scale, fully customizable event layouts and guest seating charts that integrate with your actual guest list.


Build detailed event budgets with itemized line items and categories. Track payments and payment due dates. Pre-built budget templates for fundraisers and meetings included.


Collect and manage details for committees, sponsorships, volunteers, speakers, rentals, catering, venues, A/V, more. 18 pre-built worksheet templates included.

Files & File Sharing

Upload and store any event-related files. Also attach links to Google Docs and Dropbox files.

Forms & Questionnaires

Build detailed online forms and questionnaires for collecting input or feedback from team members, stakeholders, attendees and sponsors.

Message Board & Notes

Create and email messages and send files to team members, committees, etc. Tracks all replies for each message thread. Create and store notes on-the-fly.


Build templates that you can import into events and use over and over again. Includes task lists, worksheets, checklists, budgets, schedules, more.


Download customizable reports for a variety of data in your account, including tasks, schedules, budgets, worksheets, form/questionnaire responses and event summaries.

Vendor Management

Upload or key in vendor contact information, then create vendor lists for each event and assign vendors to budget and itinerary items.

Account Customization

Upload your organization's logo to display in all home page dashboards. Display your logo and customized text in headers/footers of PDF reports.


Invite unlimited users to set up unique usernames/passwords to access your account to collaborate. Set permissions for user groups to control user access.

Security & Backups

All user sessions are under HTTPS protocol for secure transmission of data, and all account data is backed up daily on remote, firewall-protected servers.

Top features that non-profits have expressed interest in...


Build accurate, detailed table layouts and seating charts and download to colorful PDFs you can print out.

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Event Websites

Create dynamic, informative modular websites for your non-profit events with images, galleries, videos, schedules and more.

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Task Manager

Easily track your event planning progress. Create tasks with due dates and notes and assign them to team members. Add email reminders.

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Hear why more organizations prefer Planning Pod's nonprofit and fundraising event management software

"We are very happy with Planning Pod and would recommend them to other companies and event planners HANDS DOWN!!"

Derek Basista

Charity Events Group

"As a meeting planner for a state association, I use Planning Pod for our two large state meetings ... and my staff and I always know what's going on."

Kathy Ridley

Illinois State Dental Society

"Planning Pod has made keeping track of events a breeze. I enjoy the simplicity and convenience it offers!"

Tambi Lane

Armature Arts Center

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