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Corporate event software for in-house staff and event planners

Whether you're planning annual or board meetings, conferences, symposiums, fundraisers or recognition ceremonies, Planning Pod has the tools you need to manage every detail. Our Web-based corporate event app has 26+ easy-to-use tools for storing and tracking budgets, itineraries, vendors, attendees and much more. Never again depend on a jumble of spreadsheets, documents, emails and apps. Our corporate event planning software lets you manage all your information in one convenient place.

Collaborate with staff and stakeholders with ease

Often there are many parties involved in planning a corporate event, which means many people have various responsibilities and require access to specific details. Our online corporate event management software is different in that it also doubles as collaboration software, letting you invite as many team members as you wish inside your account. You can control what tools and areas each person can access, while sharing to-do's, calendars, notes, messages and more with your team.

Keep track of your attendees and all their details

Inside our corporate event software is an guest / attendee list manager that lets you create multiple attendee / guest lists for each event. Import your lists from a file and then add people to one or multiple lists. Track details such as contact information, RSVPs and meal counts. There's even areas for tracking things like notes and travel details. And you can always pull out this information into PDF printouts and spreadsheets if you need hard copies.

Build to-scale event room layouts and floorplans

Whatever setup you can imagine - banquet, auditorium, conference room or any other style - our event floorplan tool can handle it. Build a to-scale outline of your room. Drag-and-drop tables and chairs into the floor. Create stages, drop in walls and much more. And once all that is built, you can pull in your guest list and create a seating arrangement by dragging and dropping guests onto chairs. Just another feature of our comprehensive corporate event app.

Manage vendors and the activities of other event-related contractors

Among our corporate event solutions include the ability to associate vendors with events and store files related to vendors (like price sheet documents and PDF brochures). In addition, you can assign vendors to budget line items, itinerary line items and other related details. If you wish, you can even give vendors or contractors access to tools so they can view and manage their assignments right in your account.

Corporate event registration software for event registrations and RSVPs

With our corporate event management software, you can also collect event registrations and RSVP responses via a customizable event website. Choose from a number of designs or create your own design (coming soon). Post customized copy and images related to your event as well as venue/location information, travel details, programming information and much more.

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