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One tool to manage all your projects and events

Our online event project management softare app is built specifically for event planners, meeting planners and catering managers to help you manage every detail involved in your projects. Create and assign to-do's to yourself, clients and staff members. Create and track budgets for each project as well as time worked on each project. And manage all your small items with lots of quick checklists.

Track every file and image related to every event

Electronic files are part of most any event project, and two project management tools in particular that are in Planning Pod let you share all kinds of files easily. Our file sharing tool lets you upload and share many different kinds of files - from documents and PDFs to image files to design files ... even CAD files for event seating charts / seating arrangements. And our image gallery lets you upload and share images as well as collect feedback and input from other team members and clients. When comparing another project management application to ours, make sure the app you choose has some sort of file sharing component.

Collaborate with clients and staff involved in a project

An online event project manager app is not complete without giving you the tools to communicate and collaborate with staff, clients and contractors. With our app, you can streamline your communicaitons by sharing messages and notes and collecting feedback via questionnaires in one convenient place. In addition, you have instant access to a complete record of all conversations and decisions for each event.

Online project management software ... and much more to help you run your events and business

Productivity and project managament applications seem to be a dime a dozen, mainly because they all seem to do the same things but in a slightly different way. Well, we took a different tack and decided to build business and event project manager tools specifically for event planners, managers and businesses, giving you the tools you need to manage projects, people and all kinds of business details like proposals, invoices, contacts, leagal contracts and finances.

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