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Track every detail for your facility with our space management software tools - COMING SOON

From tracking customers and booking event rooms to scheduling staff and resources, you have a lot to keep track of in running your facility, and you can't afford to let any detail slip through the cracks. Planning Pod's facilities management software tools simplify how you enter and track all your customers and events - whether you run a hotel, banquet / reception hall, conference center or shared coworking facility.

Never, ever double-book with our facility booking software tools

It's vital that you have a clear picture of who is booking your spaces and when, and our space booking software tools give you and your staff a real-time picture of the bookings for your facility. These tools are integrated with our customer relationship management features so that you can track which prospects have holds and which have confirmed bookings as well as contact and followup details for leads. Most facility booking software apps only provide a calendar, but ours goes a step further to give you lots of additional flexible tools for lead tracking, different types of bookings and rates and much more. Try our space booking software tools today for free.

Quickly and accurately provide your clients with quotes and invoices

Often when you book your spaces there is a process of providing prospects with estimates and contracts. Planning Pod bundles these tools together so you can create proposal and contract templates and then customize these for each client - saving you time and streamlining the sales process. With our online facility management software program, you can also turn a proposal into a detailed invoice with customizable line items with a single click, and you can then email the invoice directly from your account and plug into our merchant payment processing system to collect payment. Whether you're looking for software for your event venue or hotel, conference center management software or coworking software, Planning Pod can handle the billing requirements of practically any type of venue.

Manage your staff schedule and properly allocate resources across events

Often you are booking much more than space ... you are also scheduling staff for your booked events as well as resources such as tables, chairs, linens, A/V equipment and more. Planning Pod space management software lets you add your facility's inventory and then allocate inventory items to events so that you know what items are booked and what are not. Also, we provide you with event staff scheduling software tools so you can create roles, assign your staff to roles and then build customized schedules for your staff members. Your staff members will be able to log in to view their schedules and even select open shifts if you so choose. Our facilities management software tools cover all your bases so all your business information is in one convenient place.

Track important details for your clients' events

If you need additional event management and planning tools, Planning Pod has you covered there, too. Besides providing facility management software apps, we also give you tools for tracking tasks, itineraries/schedules, budgets, files and much more for all your events. You can also share these tools with your staff and clients for easy online collaboration, as our space management software lets you have unlimited users as long as they are staff, clients or contractors within your business. In addition, you can use Planning Pod on a PC or Mac and any tablet device, and we even have a version for your mobile Web browser. When it comes to conference center software, shared space software or venue management software, Planning Pod is flexible enough to handle whatever you need.

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