The Planning Pod Philosophy

What We Believe

Our philosophy is that any piece of software, no matter how good it is, can always be better. This is why we constantly encourage our observant users to take an active role in providing us with feedback and input. It's why we listen to them so intently. And it's why we are constantly making improvements to our tools.

What most software companies don't realize is that the secret ingredient to better tools is the collective insights of their customers. Having built many online applications over the last decade, we understand this. In fact, it's almost part of our DNA at this point.

So we also consult with an advisory board of event professionals and industry experts to serve as a sounding board of what's happening in their world of corporate event planning and wedding planning. Their direction keeps us attuned to the changes in the industry as well as the changing needs of smart event professionals like yourself. All so we can provide the best and most up-to-date event management software available.

We encourage you to let us know what you think. Just drop us a note or call us at 877-266-3885.

The Team

Steven Feingertz

Steven Feingertz

Owner, Co-CEO, Product Development
Jeff Kear

Jeff Kear

Owner, Co-CEO, Sales & Marketing
Gavin Vincent

Gavin Vincent

Owner, Lead Software Engineer
Crystal Rodriguez-Lobato

Crystal Rodriguez-Lobato

VP Sales
Jessica Weatherly

Jessica Weatherly

Customer Support/Training

The story behind Planning Pod

Before we ever dreamed of building online event management software and online venue management software, we ran a small marketing and branding agency in Denver, CO.

Since we started our agency in 2001, we were always looking for tools to help us be more efficient and productive. Okay, that's not the entire truth. We also hate the busywork required to run a business, and we wanted something that would take some of that crap off our plate. I mean, who really likes compiling timesheets, keeping track of your books or creating proposal after proposal?

We scoured the Web for something that would lighten our load. We found a few enterprise event management software platforms, but we're three guys who barely have enough time to do our billing every month, and we collectively have the patience of a spoiled toddler. There's no way we would spend more than 2 hours trying to figure out some convoluted piece of software built for big agencies.

So we made due with a dozen or so apps and software programs that sort of saved us time and sort of made us more productive. To be honest, I'm not sure juggling a dozen productivity and business applications every day really saves that much time; it almost seems like more work, not less.

Hence our desire to create an online app that pulls lots of important functions together into one convenient place. It seemed that nobody had yet grasped what an event planner needs to run their business; thus we decided to build a tool ourselves.

So we went to work ... 2,263 cups of coffee and tea, 5,947 hours, 23,131 lines of code and countless headslaps later, and Planning Pod was born. We released a beta version in April 2012, launched our first major update in March 2013 and continue to make upgrades and improvements based on our customers' input and feedback.

Now we are up and running and gaining new users every day.

Best of luck with your business,
Steven, Jeff and Gavin, Owners

P.S. We're still in Denver, CO, so drop us a note if you're ever in town.

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