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"Being able to offer our clients a personal portal that houses their information is so beneficial and makes it easy for our clients to keep track of everything for their event!"
- Shannon Gayron, Birch Wood Vineyards

Shannon Gayron, Birch Wood Vineyards

4.89 out of 5 stars

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Simplify how clients can make payments, sign documents and collaborate with you regarding their upcoming events

Save time while boosting client satisfaction

Our client portal software tool lets you automate many client-facing interactions like reviewing documents, assigning tasks and receiving payments. It also gives your customers an intuitive method for easily tracking their event details via a personal portal with their own custom login. And it’s mobile friendly so they can use it on-the-go.

Get paid faster with invoicing integration

When clients log into their portal, they can easily review invoices for their events as well as any scheduled payment reminders and auto-payments. And they can make real-time payments online whenever they want and save their debit or credit card details for future payments.

Get signoffs faster on event-related documents

Waiting on and reminding clients to review and sign essential documents is a huge hassle and can stifle the flow of your business. With our event management software, you can send email reminders for clients to review and sign proposals, contracts and banquet event orders inside the portal, where they can also download PDFs of those documents.

Enhance how you collaborate with clients

Via the portal, you and your clients can efficiently communicate and exchange vital event details. Share files that can be downloaded. Have clients complete online forms and questionnaires. Assign tasks to clients that they can track and mark complete. And create food-and-beverage packages with options they can choose from.

Empower clients with event planning tools

Our client portal software also lets you offer value-added benefits to clients. Like event floorplan designs so clients can literally see their events take shape. Vision boards where you and clients can share, categorize and comment on images. And attendee lists where clients can manage guest details, RSVPs and meal choices.

Client Portal Dashboard

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What’s inside our client portal software for venues and event planners

See why more event professionals rely on our client collaboration tools to elevate relationships with clients and boost revenues

Intuitive Portal Layout

Our client portal for events is easy-to-navigate and has tools your clients can start using on-the-fly. The home dashboard alerts them to items that require attention - like signatures and payments - so they always know what's next.

Simple Access Settings

Global permissions let you turn on or off tools based on what you want clients to see and do. Invite clients into their portal in a few clicks ... the system then emails clients a link to set up a unique login.

E-Signatures for Key Documents

Post proposals, contracts and BEOs to the portal where clients can review them and easily apply electronic signatures. Once signed, clients can download PDF file of docs and you are notified in your master account.

Invoicing and Fast Payments

Not only can clients view and manage their invoices in the portal. They can also make invoice payments at any time and can enter in their debit or credit card details for future payments.

View & Edit Floor Plans

The client portal lets you share with clients any floor plan layouts you have built for their events. Plus you can give a client access to modify these floor plans if you wish.

File Sharing + Downloads

Need to give clients access to documents or share files back and forth with them? Our file sharing tool lets you select which files to share and provides clients the ability to download those and share their own files.

Tasks & Itineraries

To ensure clients finish required assignments, you can assign them tasks, set due dates and let them view and manage tasks in the portal. You can also give them view-only access to event itineraries / timelines.

Shared Vision Boards

Want to brainstorm with clients and share visual ideas and insights? Via the vision board tool, you and clients can upload images; assign them to categories; give them names and descriptions; and even share comments.

Forms & Questionnaires

If you need more input or feedback from clients, just create a form or questionnaire using the form builder tool in their event and request them to complete it. They will receive an email notification to fill out the form in their portal.

Attendee Management

For clients who are managing their own guest lists, you can give them access to the event's attendee list tool. This way they can add/upload attendees; manage guest contact details; and track RSVPs and meal choices.

Food-&-Beverage Selection

If you are a caterer or a restaurant, hotel or venue with food service, you can create food-and-beverage packages with item options, and clients can then select their preferred options in the client portal.

Expanded Access Option

Need to give clients expanded access to additional tools? No problem. Just assign them to one of the four user groups in your account and adjust the access permissions to that group accordingly.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

6 key insights for finding the best event client portal software

The events industry has literally been around for centuries. Hence, it follows that, with such a long history, professionals in the events industry have come to rely on a set of older tools and processes for doing everything from creating proposal templates in Excel and drawing event designs by hand to billing clients by email and managing client relationships by phone.

However, change is as constant in the event industry as it is in any other (albeit sometimes a bit delayed), and event management software has streamlined and automated many processes that save event venue managers and event planners hundreds of hours each month.

One innovation that such event management systems like Planning Pod have introduced is the online client portal. Whether you are involved in planning in-person events or managing venue spaces and catering, this particular functionality can do for client relationship management (CRM) what the drag-and-drop event design layout tool has done for floor plans. That is, simplify, streamline, automate and improve the quality of every process and deliverable related to your events.

So what should you look for in a client portal module? Well, here are six tips on how you should evaluate them and how they should fit into the overall approach of your event venue or event planning business.

1. Streamline Client-Facing Processes

Even though it’s called a client portal, the primary benefit is to your event-related business, because ideally it should make it easier for clients to do business with you.

As such, a good event client portal will replace manual processes that leave the door open for error or oversight. These processes can include obtaining client signatures on documents like proposals, contracts and banquet event orders; collecting payments on invoices; communicating vital information to clients; and getting important input and feedback from clients.

Important Note: If you want your client portal to have all this functionality, it ideally should be integrated into an entire event management system that lets you manage your internal operations (including processes and data) in one platform, which can include modules for event client CRM / leads, sales, billing, email communications and more.

2. Improve Customer Touchpoints

Connecting and communicating with event clients is a critical part of any business in the events and hospitality industry, and it’s this component that often ensures the success or downfall of a business.

However, often you and your staff don’t have the time to devote to reaching out to clients for a lengthy exchange on each and every aspect of their in-person event.

This is where a solid client portal can work wonders, in that it will both systematize and simplify how you and your team interacts with clients. For example, instead of having to continually remind new clients to physically sign a proposal or contract and mail it back to you, you can simply put it up in their client portal, remind them via email to sign it and have them conveniently apply their signature electronically via the portal without any fuss.

3. Accelerate Revenues

Getting paid quickly is vital for sustaining the cash flow of any business, but because the events industry often bills clients in installments, it is often difficult to manage each client’s payment status and keep them current on payments for their upcoming event.

A customer portal for events can both automate the payment process and keep customers on-track because customers can easily view all invoices; see upcoming scheduled payments or automated payments; add their credit or debit card details for simplifying payments; and make payments in real-time via the portal itself.

Gone are the excuses about losing an invoice or not receiving it in the mail and not being aware of payment dates or deadlines. Gone is the need to resend out invoices or payment reminders … the client portal takes care of that for you.

4. Ease of Use for Clients

What good is a client portal if your client’s don’t use it? A fair question to ask of any piece of software, but even more so when it’s your clients who are affected.

Ideally, an event client portal should not require any training or instruction for your clients; it should be intuitive and so easy to navigate and use that they simply just start using it because all the tools and functions are clearly labeled and obvious.

NOTE: Although some client portals are available via a mobile app, this requires your clients to actually download the app, which adds an inconvenient step on their part (also, they may not want another app cluttering up their mobile device). As such, web-based customer portals that clients can access through any web browser on any device is often the preferred option as it removes that “download the mobile app” barrier.

5. Provide Value-Adds to Clients

Clients always like getting extra stuff for “free”, and some client portals for events can help you deliver on this by offering additional tools for clients to manage their event details.

These details can include items or areas that venues and event planners typically don’t include in their services, like managing attendees or event registrations / RSVPs, creating assigned seating charts and building out event websites or webpages. Look for platforms that enable you to offer such value-added services to your customers.

6. Customer Support for All Users

Lastly, make sure that the client portal solution you pick has adequate customer support for both you and your clients - which can include a comprehensive knowledge base or help center, live training webinars and email and live chat support channels.

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