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"Nothing comes remotely close to Planning Pod..."

"Planning Pod is the only cloud based program with features that make sense for an event professional. I have tried all of the other event planning software that is out there, and nothing comes remotely close to Planning Pod. I have particularly fallen in love with the interface - it is a polished, professional look."

Heather Wittneben

Swanky Affairs

"A fantastic site and tool for planners..."

"Planning Pod is a fantastic site and tool for planners. I love the recent updates, especially to the budget tool and the overall look. Being a corporate planner, I like how I can set it up for a more business and corporate look but social and wedding planners can also give it a more social look. Keep doing what you are doing."

Margaret Garcia, CMP

Farmers Insurance HQ

"Planning Pod is at the core of our venue business ... five stars..."

"Five stars ... Planning Pod is at the core of our venue business and helps schedule most activities. Both sales and event management staff use the software extensively. We particularly appreciate the responsiveness by support. It's now hard to imagine running our business without it."

Tony Galluzzo

Church Ranch Event Center

"Everything I need to run my planning business in one place..."

"I love Planning Pod and discuss it when I teach my planner certification courses. It has everything I need to run my planning business in one place. It makes my staff, our clients, and my work process integrated, and therefore ultimately more efficient as well as effective."

Rhonda Baker

Precisely As Planned

"Easily manages multiple events ... we coordinate ~50 a year..."

"Planning Pod has helped to streamline our event management at Christian Education National. We've been excited about implementing a management system for our events. Planning Pod was easy to set up, learn and use. We coordinate around 50 events a year and Planning Pod easily manages multiple events. We love many of the features including the checklists, invoicing, templates and data capturing ability. We would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking an event management system to handle multiple events."

Anne Blair-Hickman

Christian Education National

"Have used it to deliver some of the most organized and dynamic events..."

"Since first trying out Planning Pod a few years ago, I have been consistently impressed by their knowledge of the events industry and the way they've incorporated that knowledge into the only events specific project management tool on the market. My team and I have used it countless times and have delivered some of the most organized and dynamic events for our clients."

J. Damany Daniel

The Event Nerd

"Not only helped my company stay organized, it has helped us grow..."

"I have been in the corporate event planning business for almost 10 years. With all of the different hats you need to wear in this business, it is quite refreshing to know I have found a place where I can put all my hats into one place. Planning Pod has not only helped my company stay organized, it has helped us grow. If you are looking for a software that is great with helping you with productivity, I would highly recommend Planning Pod ... I am in love with the platform."

Melissa Powell

Reclaimed Markets

"Their customer service and support is amazing..."

"I love Planning Pod because it keeps me and my team organized. When I started booking more and more events I researched a lot of software, and Planning Pod was the only one that was affordable AND met all my needs. I also love the fact that the more events we have I can upgrade my subscription. When I call, I always get a response from a live person, and their customer service and support is amazing."

Fiorella Neira

Neira Event Productions and Rentals

"Makes managing my clients' events very streamlined ... an invaluable tool..."

"Planning Pod has become an invaluable tool in my toolkit, one that I actually couldn't live without. It makes managing my clients' events very streamlined. The clients love the total transparency of being able to log in and see their budget, files, website and other tools. It adds value to our planning services and I love that and so do our clients. The team at Planning pod is always available and have listened to suggestions that I have made to them over the years. It's nice to see the consistent updates being made. I have been using Planning Pod going on 5 years now, and I have enjoyed watching the software develop and improve over time."

Arthur Kerekes

Fusion Events

"Can quickly create sites for all our events and collect RSVPs and registrations..."

"Planning Pod has all the tools and features we need in one convenient place. We especially like the floorplan tool and the event website tool, where we can quickly create sites for all our events and collect RSVPs and registrations. We also love the billing option, because sending invoices and getting paid quicker is always a PLUS. There is really nothing that they have missed. If you plan events and manage attendees, once you try Planning Pod you will wonder how you ever worked without it."

Debbie Shulman

Knoxville Families Magazine

"Helped me successfully operate an event venue and coordinating business..."

"Planning Pod has helped me successfully operate an event venue and coordinating business for 4 years. We have hosted AND fully coordinated hundreds of summer weddings and corporate events over the years thanks to the help of Planning Pod. I use this service to create every day-of timeline, all my invoices, calendars and floor plans. Honestly I haven't even scratched the surface of what this program will do, but we are very happy with what we know and use. Here at LePlatt's Pond Weddings & Events we recommend Planning Pod to all our associates and clients."

Krii Black

LePlatt's Pond Weddings and Events

"Has helped me streamline my event planning process..."

"Planning Pod has helped me streamline my event planning process. The main reason I chose Planning Pod is that I juggle several employer events at once, all with different levels of detail, and I needed a place to keep track of all my tasks instead of in my head or my outbox. (Yes, that's what I was doing before!) Planning Pod makes it easy for me to set deadlines for myself and check off items so I can easily stay on track. I tend to have repeating events from year to year, so I really love that I can create templates for different event types. Thanks for making a great product at an affordable price!"

Renee Couperthwaite

Florida Institute of Technology - Career Mgmt. Svcs.

"Easy to use ... resonably priced ... offers a rich set of features and tools..."

"Our team loves using Planning Pod to manage all our event projects. For its reasonably priced plans, it offers a rich set of features and tools. The software allows us to work online in an integrated manner, from lead capture, to proposal, contracting, and invoicing, through event design and production. Planning Pod also allows for Event Marketing, Attendee Management, Client Relationship Management, and Document Management. The product is easy to use, and has a number of tutorial videos to quickly get you up to speed. Frequent enhancements to the application keeps it well updated, and meet our current needs. We also love the numerous samples and templates that are available. These help us to get a new project up and running quickly, especially for our newer team members. We definitely recommend Planning Pod as a winning event planning and management application."

Rudy Brown

3Ten Events Inc.

"Lets us work seamlessly from remote offices with several team members..."

"We are so grateful for Planning Pod. It allows our team to work seamlessly from our remote offices with several team members all working together. We love the upgraded floor plan tool and the changes made to the itinerary. Our clients love that we can provide them with an upscale, easy to use website to promote their event. With planning so many events every year, Planning Pod saves us so much time and keeps us organized and on track."

Julia O'Grady

ITM Events

"Would recommend it to anyone in the event industry..."

"Since I started using Planning Pod, I have found that I am much more organized in managing invoices, calendars, and task lists. It makes it easy to collaborate with my team and manage vendor contact information. I would recommend Planning Pod to anyone in the events industry who wants a better way to run their task management and accounting."

Jessica Upton

Uptown Events

"All the tools to plan a successful event at our fingertips..."

"We at Simply Events Inc. love Planning Pod to be able to have all of our clients and events in one place. We have all the tools we need to plan a successful event at our fingertips! Our team members can access it at any time or place to know our schedule, contact info and any pertinent information necessary to stay organized and not schedule conflicting events. We also enjoy the ease of access to give our clients peace of mind in knowing that we can handle all of their planning."

Amy D. Thomas

Simply Events Inc.

"No more trading thousands of emails with attachments and changes..."

"Your amazing planning tools make life easier, and all documents and files can be loaded onto the client's profile for them to download so no more trading thousands of emails back and forth with different attachments and changes. I can just log on and go to their event to see if there are any changes. Plus our clients absolutely love the idea of planning their whole event online."

Lise Sansom

Lythwood Lodge

"My staff and I always know what's going on..."

"As a meeting planner for a state association, I use Planning Pod for our two large state meetings. My staff and I always know what's going on when we can update all of our information and notes within "The Pod". "

Kathy Ridley

Illinois State Dental Society

"Great for managing attendees and promoting events..."

"I have come to rely on Planning Pod because it has everything that an event planner needs!!! With it, my team members can easily collaborate online and have every event detail at their fingertips. I personally LOVE the floorplan tool because it lets us create detailed layouts to scale, and the event registration, guest management and website builder tools are also great for managing attendees and promoting events. I guarantee once you try Planning Pod you will be amazed at how it simplifies planning events and managing all the details."

Tal Orion

Tal Orion Event Management

"Made my business much more manageable..."

"Planning Pod has made my business much more manageable. Working with a number of photographers under our umbrella, we can now serve as a hub for all our photographers and clients. We can complete contracts and invoicing from anywhere in the world while relieving our freelance photographers the headache of managing their own admin. Planning Pod is completely worth the monthly fee, and we love that it allows us to be completely "green"!"

Michelle Kauntz

Captured Soul Photography

"We recommend Planning Pod HANDS DOWN..."

"We at Charity Events Group are very happy with Planning Pod and would recommend them to other companies and event planners HANDS DOWN!! We have been using it for our event management for some time now and have found it to be an excellent product. Initially, we used it for smaller items such as client management, and we are now expanding into the event websites module. Equally as important as the software itself is the Planning Pod customer service team, which is simply spectacular on all accounts!"

Derek Basista

Charity Events Group

"Always implementing new features and services..."

"We absolutely love Planning Pod! It creates a collaborative environment that allows our clients and vendors to share information with us, so we are always updated on the latest changes and updates. The website templates allow you to create an event site you can use to track RSVPs and provide event information to your clients' guests. They are always implementing new features and services, like a the ability to create awesome floor plan layouts and invoicing services. There isn't anything you can't do with Planning Pod. We couldn't run our planning business without this service."

Miesha Hunter

La Soiree Chic Events

"Pleasure to be a Planning Pod customer..."

"I first started using Planning Pod because it was the only Event Planning Software System that I could find that didn't require you to purchase the entire software package. I was able to pay an affordable monthly payment based on the number of events I did annually, it was PERFECT! Initially the software wasn't everything that I needed, but it has truly been motivating to watch the developments in Planning Pod and how the changes help me and my team! It is my pleasure to be a Planning Pod Customer!"

Covesa Gragg

Personal Touch by Covesa

"User friendly interface makes it easy for teams and clients to use..."

"We cannot say enough about Planning Pod. When we first launched our business, we used another event/document management system; however as our business grew we needed a system with enhanced capabilities. Planning Pod was the perfect find for us. This system provides us with the ability to centralize information, documents and communication for all of our events, creating efficiencies across our business processes. In addition, we are also able to generate documents that are professional in their layout and can be generated quickly. And its user friendly interface makes it easy for our teams as well as our clients to use."

Karlie Lewis

bumble burgh events co.

"Everything I need is all in one place..."

"I use Planning Pod because it is very convenient, everything I need is all in one place. I don't need to go from website to website or software to software to access things I use for my clients events. My Calendar, To Do list, Budget, Invoices, Proposals, Contacts, and Contracts are all available to me on one website anytime I need them."

Renee Wilson

Enchanting Engagement

"It was literally saving me time on the first day..."

"I love using Planning Pod for my business! It's a fabulous online software tool, as well as an exciting and fun way to collaborate with my clients. It's so customizable, intuitive, and responsive to use, and it was literally saving me time on the first day I used it. In addition to great project management, I use Planning Pod to assist me with my daily tasks and work flow - like to-do lists, contact info, notes, paperwork, proposals, invoices and more! My clients love it, and I love it, and that's why I continue to use Planning Pod for all of my events."

Tyler FitzHugh

Voila Events Studio

"Makes me look more professional..."

"Planning Pod has helped me keep my head on straight as my business grows, and has helped me improve my processes. I am able to keep all of my files, contacts, numbers and contracts in one place, and my clients love having access to things 24/7. I had originally been using DropBox to store everything, but Planning Pod takes it to the next level! No longer do I have to send links, scan contracts, keep my contact list in Excel, or hope my clients remember appointments and due dates. Planning Pod gives me the online storage I need, all in one place, and then automates my life - saving me time, and making me look more professional. Additionally, I've been able to forego keeping binders for each client, and just take my tablet with me wherever I go! No more shelling out money for tons of binders, dividers, tons of printer ink, and paper."

Nicki Cloud

Nicki Cloud Event Design and Production

"Perfect fit for very small to very large businesses..."

"Planning Pod just makes the most sense for us. A perfect fit for very small to very large businesses. Planning Pod provides tools that make you wonder how you were even capable of running a business before using it."

Brittany Starks

Build A Wedding

"Keeps me on track and gives me pre-built templates to go by..."

"Planning Pod has helped keep our business organized. Being an event planner, I can attest that it is hard to keep things organized; Planning Pod is truly the only thing that is a constant that I know I can always refer back to and everything will be exactly how I left it. I use Planning Pod primarily to enter contact info and create proposals, but it also helps me keep my finances in line and lets me record my payments I receive from clients. I am thankful for Planning Pod for keeping me on track and giving me pre-built templates to go by. Starting a business isn't easy, but having Planning Pod there to help track your progress is a huge help!!"

Courtney Smith

Prim and Proper Events

"A lot of features that let me keep everything under control..."

"What I have to say is... Why have I waited so long before using Planning Pod? Easy to use, a lot of features that let me keep everything under control for multiple events, and excellent tutorials to help with any topic. I'm still exploring all the different sections of the program, but so far I'm very impressed with what it offers. Thank you a million times for making our lives easier, your product is fantastic!"

Sabrina Cadini

La Dolce Idea

"I can access everything I need from my iPad..."

"I love Planning Pod because it allows my clients and myself to stay organized. The feature I love the most is being able to store all of the contracts in one place and having the ability to access them the day of the event should I need to refer to them. I don't have to carry around a binder full of papers. I can access everything I need from my iPad (timelines, contracts, set up lists, etc.)."

Angela Christoforo

Elite Event Planning

"My clients love that I use Planning Pod..."

"I love Planning Pod because it is my go-to place for anything and everything related to my business from tracking expenses, sending proposals/contracts, and even keeping every single detail of the events I plan organized. My clients love that I use Planning Pod because it also gives them one organized place to access all of the information related to their event instead of having to sort though hundreds of e-mails. Planning Pod allows me to work more efficiently and I highly recommend it to anyone in the event planning business."

Chandani Chandekar

Events by C

"Helps me ensure my shows run smoothly..."

"I'm using Planning Pod to help organize Handmade and Vintage Markets events that I host, and it has been very helpful! I have made templates for the contracts, and Planning Pod has made it easier to get vendors signed and invoiced, and to keep up with tasks and timelines of what I need to be doing to ensure the show runs smoothly. The budgeting feature has been helpful as well; I enter expenses faithfully and I have a quick and accurate picture of my spend. "

Cori Warner

Flying C Events

"Great to have a central place for event information..."

"Planning Pod has made planning and coordinating events much easier for me. It's great to have a central place for all forms, worksheets, and event information. It has simplified the process and saved me time that I can use focusing on others tasks. "

Tatiana Fortune

Moments of Fortune Events

"I enjoy the simplicity and convenience..."

"Planning Pod has made keeping track of events a breeze. I enjoy the simplicity and convenience it offers!"

Tambi Lane

Armature Arts Center

"Makes my company look great..."

"Planning Pod makes my company look great! Its a wonderful tool to work seamlessly with my other planners as well as my clients. It saves me time to allow me to focus on other ways to help grow my business."

Colleen O'Neil

O'Neil Events

"Revolutionized the way I do business..."

"Planning Pod has revolutionized the way that I do business. In a few short key strokes, I can invoice clients, create budgets and more. I'm a happy camper!"

Gail Johnson

Gail Johnson Events

"Prefer it because of the way it ties in with my brand..."

"I prefer using Planning Pod over the other software available to event planners because of the way it ties in with my brand. All the documents I produce from the software have the same clean and professional look and have our logo and contact information on the top. I hear from so many vendors how they love following one of our timelines and clients enjoy being able to follow their budgets so precisely. Plus, I have been with Planning Pod for many years, and it always great to see the changes and updates made from listening to their users."

Kathryn Kalabokes

Dream a Little Dream Events

"Allows me to work on-the-go from anywhere at any time..."

"Planning Pod has been a lifesaver for me. As I was heading into my fourth year of business and growing at a pretty rapid rate, I found myself frustrated with all of the paper and was on the hunt to streamline my planning process. Planning 70-80 weddings a year from binders filled with papers and notes is not an easy task! Planning Pod has not only eliminated the need for paper but it allows for me to work on-the-go from anywhere at any time. I've been able to better organize my clients information and the easy search function allows me to pull up my clients information quickly and efficiently. In this business time is money ... every minute saved is a dollar earned!"

Bobbi Perry

Perfect Florida Beach Wedding

"Helps us market ourselves to potential clients..."

"We love Planning Pod because it's a great tool to use during a meeting to capture notes with clients, look up important information while we're at an event, and it helps us to market ourselves to potential clients. They like that I have a tool that we can use collaboratively. "

Cynthia Alexander

An Enlightened Event

"Ensures that no detail is forgotten ... and it saves us time..."

"We use Planning Pod for our event firm because it enables us to keep all of the details of our clients' events organized in one location. One of our favorite benefits is the to-do reminders feature. We create a custom to-do's list for clients and we can assign tasks for our planners, assigned vendors and clients to complete. This tool ensures that no detail is forgotten. Bonus ... it saves us time! Thanks Planning Pod! XOXO"

Janea Mitcheltree

Rosetree Events

"User friendly and affordable..."

"I really love using Planning Pod for a couple of reasons. One, it's user friendly. No one wants to use software where its hard to maneuver through. Two, the price is great and affordable."

Tanya Edwards

Angelic Occasions

"Saves me so much time..."

"I love Planning Pod because it's an affordable and amazing tool that keeps me organized. I am a one woman show and it saves me SO much time. I love that my clients can have access and upload vendor contracts directly, and we can communicate through the tool and they can see everything we are working on. The to-do list assignments are very helpful as well. My absolute favorite features are the ability to split out vendor timelines and the Event Book. Those both make it effortless to get my day-of assistants up to speed and communicate only the essentials to vendors. Within one week of using Planning Pod, my business was running so much more smoothly and I had instant time back to focus on serving my clients better. You and your team certainly focus on improvement and ease for the customer! "

Jennifer Pochobradsky

Harper Hadley Events

"Really made our business more efficient, streamlined..."

"Planning Pod has really made our business more efficient, streamlined, and effective. I am not sure what we did before we started using it! When your business starts to grow so should your tools and resources ... Planning Pod is that tool and resource."

Jon'll Boyd

Completely Yours Events

"Training videos explain everything you need to know..."

"Before Planning Pod, I had many files and details of my events in many different places but now the files are all in one place. I particularly like the itinerary feature which is very easy to use, add your logo and looks professional. Planning Pod is very easy to use, customer service is great and the training videos explain everything you need to know."

Nicola Wilson

Simply Brilliant Events

"An invaluable tool to keep planning seamless..."

"Before Planning Pod, I had folders of spreadsheets, hand drawings and clunky timelines. Now, all my documents are streamlined with company branding, cohesive formatting and precise layouts. It has helped keep me become more organized, because even the most organized planner needs help - especially when managing multiple events, timelines and budgets! All my documents are kept in one place, and I don't have to store anything on my computer. The floor plan tool has saved countless hours of drawing and sizing. The accuracy of the rental items (tables, chairs, stages) and room dimensions make creating a floor plan a snap. Pulling templates for contracts, timelines and to-do's has created an invaluable tool to keep planning seamless. And, my favorite tool is the electronic contract signature - no more paper trail."

Ashley Coston

Southern Social Events and Rentals

"Clients really appreciate the professional documents..."

"Planning Pod software was referred to me by an event planner that I truly respect. I have to say that of all the advice I received when I started in this business, this was by far the most valuable. With Planning pod, I do not have to have clients information all over my computer - I am able to keep all my financial records in the same place as my clients' information. My accountant was amazed that at the beginning of the year I was ready to go. I have also received wonderful comments from my clients that they really appreciate the professional documents and creativity of my proposals. Thanks to the table layout design tool I am able to give clients a detailed and creative proposal. Most important to me, their customer support is hands on with their customers and is always there to answer any of my questions. In this business, customer service is KEY."

Lori Velde

I Do by Lori

"Makes my job easier... I love having everything in one place..."

"I love using Planning Pod as a tool to communicate with my clients and have all their information in one place that is easy for me and them to locate details and information. As a planner, details are very important and I love having everything in one place! Instead of emails, I use their message tool to communicate with my clients so it is easy to go back and refer to information. Planning Pod makes my job easier and my clients love always having a real time of view of their budget and planning details!"

Jasmyne Sanders

Pink of Perfection Events

"The improvements just keep coming..."

"I have been using Planning Pod for years and the improvements just keep coming! Planning weddings means that I am rarely in my office so being able to access all of my files and information remotely is extremely important. It saves me time as I can type my notes right into my client's files and is a great selling tool. My clients love that they can access all of their wedding information any time of day and I love that we can keep all of the important details in one place."

Claudette Good

Cairns Wedding Planner

"Making my new business run like clockwork..."

"Absolutely love it! It's making my new business run like clockwork. Been great for sharing info with my international clients and as well as making quick event bookings! Keep doing a great job."

Bianca Gardner

Bumble Events

"Easy to navigate ... new features are constantly being added..."

"I use Planning Pod to manage my company's events and to keep our clients in the loop. The new version of Planning Pod is easy to navigate. New features are constantly being added and they're always asking for user input."

Carla Walker

Touche Events

"Thank you for making my life easier..."

"We use Planning Pod to connect with our clients track invitation RSVP's, assign guest seating, and allow our clients an easy option for being aware of guest needs. We enjoy working in this all in one site that allows us to talk with our clients about guest needs and create diagrams for all types of venues and seating arrangements. Thank you for making my life easier!"

Tabitha Roberts

Roberts Event Planning

"Helps us stay organized and on the same page..."

"In my role as an event planner and designer, I often juggle multiple projects and events at one time. Planning Pod helps me keep these projects in one location and allows me to add event details in a neat, clean, and organized fashion. As opposed to having documents in Excel, Word, and more, I can keep all the event details together in one location. I also really like that I can add my clients and assign them tasks to be completed. This feature helps us stay organized and on the same page. My favorite feature, however, is the event itinerary. As the event date gets closer, it is helpful to have the timing of the day all mapped out. I am a very organized person and this tool makes my life easier!"

Maggie Richard

Maggie's Misc.

"Makes jobs I did manually in the past so much easier..."

"My life is so much easier since I discovered Planning Pod! It makes jobs I did manually in the past so much easier and my clients love to work with the tools. It makes it easy for small businesses to look very professional."

Claire Baxter

The Wedding Company
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