All-in-one event payment processing system with integrated invoicing and registrations

Easily collect online payments for debit/credit cards and ACH and manage billings for your events with one convenient solution

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Event payment processing + invoicing is included in the Planning Pod software suite


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Event Management Software

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"Planning Pod has completely streamlined our process of booking events, invoicing customers and processing payments ... and their customer service is excellent."
- Lisa Hardwick, Deed Foundation

Lisa Hardwick, Deed Foundation

4.82 out of 5 stars

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Streamline how you collect payments for invoices and event registrations / tickets

Event credit card processing simplified

Effortlessly collect online payments via credit cards, debit cards and ACH for your venue, catering or event planning invoices as well as event registrations. By using one of our integrated merchant account processors - which include PaySimple, Stripe and Square - you can receive payouts into your bank account in as little as 1-2 business days. Be able to accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Easily create and track detailed event invoices

Our event invoice tool lets you build invoices with unlimited line items, tax rates, markups/discounts, categories/packages, service fees, gratuities, delivery fees and more. Build invoice templates (and line item templates) to save you time. Create an invoice from a proposal in a single click. Know when payments are due and past due with dashboards and calendar notifications. And track offline payments for payment methods such as check, cash or external payment processors.

Automate invoice payments to see revenues faster

When you use our integrated merchant payment processors, you can set up automations that accelerate how quickly you get paid and simplify payment installment processes. Set up one or more payment reminder emails for each invoice so clients are notified when every payment is due. Create auto-payments that charge a client’s preferred payment method on a given date. And securely save clients’ payment methods for easily processing future payments.*

Credit card processing fees starting at 2.39% + $0.29 per transaction

Our integrated merchant account provider PaySimple can work with you to help you get the best rates and pricing - like credit card processing fees as low as 2.39% + $0.29 U.S. per transaction (as well as ACH processing fees at $0.55 U.S. per transaction). And if you choose Stripe or Square, your fees are fixed at 3.2% + $0.30 U.S. per transaction, whether it’s an invoice or a registration payment.

No service fee add-ons for processing event registration & ticket payments

If you charge for event registration and ticketing, our online registration and event payment tools make it easy for your registrants to sign up and pay via credit card or check. These tools integrate with our event websites and embeddable event registration forms as well as our event check-in app for an on-site, point-of-sale payment solution. And unlike other major event registraion providers like Eventbrite, we do not charge additional service fees (so the only fees you pay are for payment processing).

*Planning Pod is Level 4 PCI compliant and all of our merchant account payment processors are Level 1 PCI compliant, so your customers’ credit card payment information and bank account details are always secure. In addition, our databases are fully encrypted for the safety of you and your clients.
Invoice Payment Reminders

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Online Payment Processing for Events

Planning Pod integrates with the following merchant payment processors so you can collect debit and credit card payments online for the invoices and ticketed events you manage in your account.

Merchant Payment Processor Fees*
  • Faster payouts (within 24-48 business hours)
  • Phone and email support
  • Available in the U.S.
Credit card: As low as 2.39% + $0.29 per transaction
ACH (E-check): $0.55 per transaction
  • Available in the U.S.
Credit card: 3.2% + $0.30 per transaction
Credit card: 3.2% + $0.30 per transaction
*If you are planning a free event, we do not assess fees for free registrations/tickets. All fees above are in U.S. dollars; please contact the specific payment processor for fees applicable to your country/region
Want to use your own merchant payment processor via an gateway? Contact us for details.

What’s inside our Web-based event payment system

See why more venues and event planners rely on our payment processing and invoicing tools for banquets, conferences, corporate events, fundraisers, galas, meetings, parties and weddings

Top Payment Processors

Planning Pod works with top-rated processors PaySimple, Stripe and Square to handle event credit card processing, debit card processing and ACH payments. Receive payouts in as little as 1-2 business days.


Download comprehensive .csv reports on payments, revenues, open invoices, registrations/tickets, taxes collected, more. Compatible with Excel and Google Sheets.

Client Portals + Emailing

Give clients access to an online portal where they can easily view invoices and payment schedules + process payments. Send invoices and payment reminders via email directly from inside your account.


Connect your accounting program (Quickbooks, Xero, Freshbooks, etc.) and hundreds of other software platforms to your Planning Pod account via the Zapier platform to avoid double-entry of data.

Invoicing Feature

Stored Customer Payment Data

When you use one of our integrated merchant account providers, you always have secure access to your customers’ payment methods in case you need to run payments on-the-fly.

Invoicing Feature

Automated Payment Installments

If you bill in installments, you can schedule email payment reminders to notify clients when payments are due. Or you can set up auto-payments to automatically charge a client’s payment method on agreed-upon dates.

Invoicing Feature

Event Invoice Templates

Do your invoices often contain the same items or packages? Build unlimited event invoice templates and line item templates to save tons of time when creating new invoices.

Invoicing Feature

Manual Payments + Deposits

If you accept checks or cash, you can easily enter those payments into invoices. And if you require security deposits, you can manage deposits inside invoices and, if desired, credit them as invoice payments.

Invoicing Feature

Detailed Line Items

Create invoice line items with quantities/hours, unit costs and detailed descriptions. Attach images to line items to add color and more detail to your invoices.

Invoicing Feature

Categories + Catering Packages

Organize line items into sections by assigning them to categories. Easily pull in catering packages into invoices and apply quantities to your F&B items or packages.

Invoicing Feature

Taxes and Markups / Discounts

Add one or more sales tax rates to your account and easily assign a tax rate to any line item. Add percentage markups or discounts to line items with our event payment system.

Invoicing Feature

Service and Gratuity Charges

Instantly add service charges or gratuities to invoices (either a percentage of the invoice total or a fixed dollar amount). Also add delivery and setup fees. Great for event venues and caterers.

Invoicing Feature

Branded Documents

Customize the PDF invoices (and sales receipts) you email to clients or download from your account with your organization’s logo, brand color and contact details.

Invoicing Feature

File and Image Attachments

Do you need to attach invoices/receipts from vendors or suppliers to your invoices? Or include images related to your billings? Quickly upload files and images to your event invoices.

Invoicing Feature


Get an at-a-glance summary of your invoices and billings with our easy-to-read invoicing dashboard. Sort invoices by date range, balances due, payments made, client name, etc.

Invoicing Feature

Card-in-Hand Payments

Need to take a credit card payment in person or over the phone? Just use the event point-of-sale (POS) portal located inside each invoice for manual event credit card processing.

Registration Payment Feature

No Service Fee Add-Ons

Most online event registration and ticketing platforms (like Eventbrite, Bizzabo, Whova and Rsvpify) charge service fees on top of credit/debit card processing fees. We don’t add service fees so you can make more money on each ticket.

Registration Payment Feature

Check Payments

Our online event payment and registration software lets you accept payments by mailed check (outside of our application) for registration orders and track when checks arrive.

Registration Payment Feature

Event Registration Websites

Build colorful registration websites to promote your events. Create custom registration and online payment forms by adding tickets, pricing schedules, discount codes, more.

Registration Payment Feature

Event Check-In App

Use our check-in and event payment app to keep lines at the door short by quickly checking in ticketed attendees and selling tickets to walk-ups with our event point-of-sale portal.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

9 things to look for in a rock-solid event payment processing system

Often when event professionals begin to look for event business management software, they don’t think of payment processing first. People in event management tend to prioritize tools for building event agendas and schedules, managing tasks, collecting registrations, tracking attendees and building budgets. People in venue management are all about managing event bookings and clients, tracking leads and prospects and managing proposals and invoices.

However, event payment processing can potentially make a bigger difference to your business’s bottom line than any of those other tools (as anyone who uses hotel or restaurant merchant services knows) because:

  • Integrating online credit card payments with your invoicing and event registration tools can increase cash flow because customers can process payments more easily, thus you get paid sooner.
  • Offering customers multiple ways to pay (credit card, check, ACH, etc.) can lead to more purchases (and more timely payments).
  • Lower credit card processing fees and pricing can put money back in your pocket (whereas high fees can eat into profits).

With that said, here are nine things you should consider when shopping for an event payment system.

1. Reliable payment processors

Many online event planner and event venue management software providers (like Planning Pod as well as Eventbrite, Cvent, Xing Events, RSVPbook, Ticketbud and RegPack) integrate with one or more credit card payment processors that are responsible for running and managing credit card transactions. There are hundreds of such processors out there, but a few of the most popular and reputable include PaySimple, Priority Payment Systems, PayPal, Stripe, BrainTree, WePay, CardConnect and

In addition, there are also specific restaurant credit card processing and hotel payment processing systems - often called point-of-sale (POS) systems - like TouchBistro, Toast, Upserve, Clover Station, Revel and Alohoa POS. Note that some of these systems offer their own merchant accounts while others integrate with external merchant processors.

While Planning Pod is not a merchant processor, we do directly integrate with PaySimple, Stripe, Square and WePay payment gateways (which is very common among event management software and venue management software providers).

You would be well served to compare the processors you are considering by rating them on the following factors:

  • Major credit cards accepted - Can include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.
  • Time period before funds are remitted - This is how quickly the processors deposit funds in your bank account after the transactions are approved. A good rule of thumb here is less than 5 days, with 1-2 business days being optimal. Note that it often takes longer for ACH payments to fully fund in your bank account due to the nature of banking regulations and systems.
  • Processing fees - These can vary from 5.5% to less than 2.35% per transaction (average tends to hover around 3%), but make sure you read the fine print and talk with a representative before signing up. Note that some merchant processors like Stripe, Square, WePay and PayPal offer fixed transaction fees, while others offer variable transaction fees based on the nature of the transaction and type of credit card used (for example, some high-benefit cards carry a higher transaction fee). You may benefit from the variable fee structure if your credit card transaction volume is high, so talk with your provider to negotiate a favorable rate.
  • Handling of refunds and chargebacks - Unfortunately, these are necessary evils when running credit card and debit card payments. So make sure to ask your event payment system about how far back you can process refunds for payments and how they handle chargebacks and can assist you in cases of fraud (either “friendly” or outright).

2. Invoicing

The cornerstone of any good venue or event business management system is a solid invoice generator. This tool should allow you to quickly and easily build invoices as well as send invoices to clients, and it should integrate directly with an event payment processing system. It should also allow you to input manual transactions for offline payments like cash and check payments.

Many venues and some event planners bill in installments, so an event invoicing platform should also offer the ability to set up and process installment payments; this can include payment reminders and automated payments for installments. Another big timesaver is the ability to create event invoice templates that are standard to your type of business (like event planner invoice templates, venue invoice templates, etc.).

3. Registration and Ticketing

Most people are accustomed to paying for tickets for all kinds of events online and by credit card (including concerts, fairs, festivals, conferences, fundraisers, etc.), so integrating payment processing into your event registration and online ticket sales systems is vital to maximizing attendance and revenues. Additional features that can improve your online event payment and registration processes and your services to registrants include event payment websites, online registration checkout forms, social media integrations and attendee management tools.

4. Check Payments

Not everybody pays by credit card, as there are still some people who prefer paying by check or cash. In these cases, it behooves you to look for an event payment software solution that offers a pay-by-check option and the ability to track these payments.

5. Card-in-Hand and POS Payments

If you book private or group events for restaurants or hotels, you are probably already using a hotel or restaurant payment processing service to run customer transactions. FYI, many restaurants, hotels and hospitality businesses employ two or more merchant accounts - one for their POS system and one for their event management system - to take advantage of all the payment functionality and features of each system.

When looking for an event payment processing solution, make sure that the merchant account processor is capable of running offline payments for card-in-hand transactions - either keyed in or via a card reader for chips or swipes.

6. Email Notifications

Having an event payment system that utilizes email to notify customers and attendees is very important and for two reasons. 1) You need to be able to quickly and efficiently send invoices to clients or invitations/reminders to potential attendees. 2) You need to be able to notify clients and attendees in a timely fashion that their payment has been received or their transaction has been processed.

In addition, it's a big bonus if your payment system lets you integrate with your existing email addresses or platforms (like Outlook or Gmail) so you can send out invoices and reminders via your business email addresses.

7. Reporting and Dashboards

Knowing the current status of payments and revenues is vital to any venue or event planning business, which is why it's important that your event payment system has customizable event reports and informative event dashboards. They let you know the status of things like open invoices, overdue payments, ticket sales and recent payments in a snap, allowing you to see where you stand with all event payment processing transactions and manual payments so you can make informed decisions about your business.

8. Mobile friendly and cloud based

The advantages of using Web-based software are pretty well-documented by now (like no need to maintain software on your devices, no downloads or installation, no fees for updates/upgrades, no data loss if your computer or device fails, etc.), but you should also consider an event payment system that is mobile-friendly so you can use it on any device - smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops - anytime, anywhere.

NOTE: If you run an event venue or an event planning business, you are probably on-the-go and not at your desk very often, so mobile-friendly event invoicing software or an event payment app is a must.

9. Branding and customization

Being able to add your organization’s logo and branding to your event invoices (and event invoice templates), online credit card payment forms and other financial documents can help increase your brand awareness and add a professional touch to your transactions.

10. Integrations

Most event accounting software applications (including Quickbooks, Xero and Freshbooks) offer many features with regard to bookkeeping and expense tracking, but they often don’t provide the custom features that venues, event planners and businesses require for building detailed event invoices and collecting payments. So the event payment system you choose should be able to integrate with those other platforms so you don’t have your financial data spread across multiple programs.

Also, if you track your customer or attendee contact information, you should seek out an event payment software solution that contains an event CRM management tool or integrates with another CRM software.

Finally, if you already have a merchant processor in place for restaurant credit card processing or hotel payment processing, you may want to look for an event invoicing and payments system that has the ability to integrate with outside payment processors via a gateway - like the one provided by

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