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"Planning Pod keeps all the information about our events in one convenient place so all staff members can access it, plus it takes care of scheduling and verifying that we don’t overbook."
- Abbey Brown, The Brownstone Topeka

Abbey Brown, The Brownstone Topeka

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Streamline how you manage food and beverage orders, track vital details and share them with clients and staff

Build a custom library of standard F&B items

Our system makes it easy to maintain a library of every food and beverage item you offer so you can instantly add them to events and packages. Add images and descriptions to each item. COMING SOON - Track unit pricing, recipes and standard portion sizes for items.

Create F&B packages from scratch or from templates

For each event, you can create new food and beverage packages from existing items (or create new items on the fly) or pull in reusable food and beverage package templates that you can then modify based on the customer needs.

Sync F&B packages with event BEOs

For many venues, banquet event orders are the key document that communicates F&B orders to both front-of-house and kitchen staff. Our food and beverage software syncs F&B packages and quantities you have added to events into your BEOs, keeping them current at all times.

Download and share F&B menus online

Our food and beverage software lets you present F&B packages to prospects and clients in a colorful, professional way. Either download colorful PDF documents of your food and beverage menus - complete with imagery - or share a unique URL so customers can view a menu online.

Easily add F&B packages to proposals and invoices

COMING SOON - When you create food and beverage packages for events, you can also add unit pricing and quantities to each package/item. Then, with a single click you can pull these F&B packages into proposals and invoices to simplify your sales and billing processes.

Food-and-Beverage Menu

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What’s inside our Web-based food and beverage software

See why more restaurants, hotels, caterers and event venues rely on our food and beverage tools to track all F&B orders and keep their teams and clients in the loop

Custom F&B Item Library

Manage all your food and beverage items in one place and quickly add them to packages. Details include descriptions, images and, coming soon, unit prices, quantities, recipes and portion sizes.

F&B Package Templates

Build reusable food and beverage package templates so you can instantly add them to events and edit them accordingly.

Banquet Event Order Integration

Instantly pull in F&B packages you have added to an event into our BEO tool. If you make changes to those packages, the changes are synced to the BEO so it’s always accurate.

Proposal/Invoice Integration

COMING SOON - With a few clicks, you can add your event food and beverage packages to proposals and invoices for that event so you never have to double-enter that information.

Printable F&B Menu PDFs

Make a big impression with colorful, printable PDFs of food and beverage menus for your events. Includes images of your F&B items, descriptions and more.

Sharable F&B Menu Links

Save on paper with our environmentally friendly and fully digital shareable URLs of your event food and beverage menus, which people can view on-screen without account access.

Item Counts + Pricing

COMING SOON - Track how many portions of each item you need to prepare as well as the unit cost for those items (and push these to your BEOs and proposals/invoices in an instant).

Full-Color Item Images

Upload images for food and beverage items you add to your account. These images will populate into on-screen displays and PDFs as well as proposals and invoices.

Recipes + Portion Sizes

COMING SOON - Add a recipe for each food and beverage item as well as standard portion size so your back-of-house and kitchen staff can easily refer to these details.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

Buyer’s Guide to Food and Beverage Software

Food and beverage management means so many different things to so many companies in the food production and manufacturing, hospitality and event management industries that it’s practically impossible to come to a consensus as to what food and beverage management software should consist of and do.

Because of this, you will find a wide variation in the scope and functionality of software applications that cater to food and beverage operators. What this means is that before you begin your search for food and beverage software, you must first outline precisely what types of features and functions you are looking for in an application and then begin narrowing down products based on your specific needs.

In this article, we are going to outline the three basic types of F&B software programs to give you a general understanding of what is offered in the marketplace. However, with that said, you should expect at least some of the following benefits, regardless of your needs or the type of software.

Benefits of Food and Beverage Software

Centralized Data Management

F&B software falls into the category of enterprise resource planning software - often called ERP software - where business processes and workflows are consolidated and automated to create efficiencies, simplify tasks and provide insights so users can make well-informed decisions based on actual data.

ERP software is designed to potentially span across many job functions and departments, which can include ordering/purchasing, production, oversight, sales, manufacturing, delivery and billing/accounting. However, generally its purpose is to maximize productivity and streamline operations for businesses.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

The idea of business management software in general is to save time for employees so they can focus more on delivering better products and experiences to customers, and this is no different regarding food and beverage software.

Many F&B management systems bring companies closer to their customers through automated processes, improved communications (like email, text messaging and social media integrations) and interactive technologies like cloud-based systems, mobile apps and electronic documents.

More Revenues and Larger Profit Margins

With improved efficiencies and time savings often comes the ability to cut costs as well as attract and serve more customers.

It goes something like this. Your staff are spending less time on busywork and tracking details so they can spend more time selling, producing and delivering food and beverage products and services. And the software allows you to identify inefficiencies in production, ordering and delivery so you can reduce waste from your everyday operations - whether that be wasted food/beverages or workhours.

Flexible, Customizable Solutions

Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all solutions. Now, most food and beverage software applications have some level of customization and personalization so that the software, to some extent, can adapt to your needs. This could be in the form of customizable data fields, templates, workflows and functionality, and the broader the scope (and usually higher the cost) of the application, the more customization is provided.

Now let’s take a look at the three primary types or versions of F&B software and who they are built to serve. Important Note: Some applications will cover one, two or all three types outlined here.

Front-of-House Food and Beverage Software

This type of application is often focused on customer-facing operations, which can include:

  • Sales management - Customer relationship management (CRM), lead pipeline tracking, contact and address book tools, quote/proposal development
  • Communications - Emailing, text messaging, social media outreach
  • Order placement and tracking - Online contact and order forms, ecommerce payment processing, customer-facing mobile apps, item and package tracking, banquet event orders
  • Delivery and shipment - Food delivery instructions, packing lists, GIS/GPS location tracking
  • Booking management - Event date/time scheduling, room/space assignments, hold tracking
  • Contract management - Legal document tracking, electronic signature collection
  • Task management - Task assignments and reminders

Back-of-House Food and Beverage Software

These applications focus on food preparation and kitchen operations, which can include:

  • Recipe management - Ingredient lists and tracking, nutritional information, portion sizes, menu building
  • Inventory management - Stock management and tracking, reordering, spoilage/breakage tracking, resource allocation
  • Purchasing and procurement - stock/ingredient ordering, reconciling
  • Food costing - Ingredient price tracking and availability, supplier and vendor management
  • Accounting - Finance tracking, P&L statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements, budgeting
  • Waste management and minimization

Enterprise Food and Beverage Software

These applications are typically built to track operations and supply chain logistics for large-scale food manufacturers and distributors, hotel and restaurant chains and food services companies, and these apps can include:

  • Production management - Manufacturing processes, packaging, labeling and nutritional value
  • Equipment management - Monitoring and maintenance, software integrations
  • Warehousing - Stock management, shelf-life and replenishment tracking, first-in-first-out or first-expired-first-out protocols, upstream/downstream tracking
  • Traceability - Forward/backward tracking for ingredients and end items, supply chain visibility, recall/contamination monitoring, supplier lot tracking
  • Quality and food safety - Auditing and quality control, temperature/moisture/acidity monitoring, allergen designations, by-product tracking, potency measurement
  • Regulatory compliance - USDA, FDA, Food and Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), HACCP, HARPC, ISO, GFSI compliance tracking
  • Distribution - Logistical management and tracking, shipping manifests, wholesale and retail segmentation
  • Staff management - Scheduling, time clocking, hiring and HR management

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