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"Planning Pod keeps all the information about our events in one convenient place so all staff members can access it, plus it takes care of scheduling and verifying that we don’t overbook."
- Abbey Brown, The Brownstone Topeka

Abbey Brown, The Brownstone Topeka

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Create professional banquet event orders in minutes and spend less time on busywork and paperwork

Customize your own BEO template

Create a templated BEO layout for your event orders that works for your organization. Choose a 1, 2 or 3 column layout. Arrange our custom panels and fields how you like them, or create your own. Add default language to fields. And brand it all with your logo and information.

Generate BEOs from previously entered data

Never again double-enter information to build your event / kitchen orders. Our banquet event order software integrates with our other tools so your BEO details are always up-to-date, including event dates/times, contacts, locations, headcounts, timelines and payments/balances.

Add food-and-beverage packages with ease

Our banquet event order software tool connects to our food-and-beverage tool and lets you add food-and-beverage packages on-the-fly so you can quickly display the food and drink items ordered for an event in the BEO.

Collect electronic signatures for each BEO

Need your clients to sign off on your banquet event orders? No problem. A big feature of our BEO software is that it allows you to send a request to clients to e-sign your event run sheets. Clients can sign in a few clicks, and dashboard alerts let you know their signature status.

Send and share BEOs in minutes

Quickly download clean, concise PDF documents of your BEOs so you can print them out and share them with clients and staff. Or easily email event order PDFs directly to contacts from the Communications Tool in your account.

Banquet Event Order Settings

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What’s inside our Web-based BEO software

See why more event venues and caterers rely on our banquet event order software to keep clients, managers, kitchen staff, front-of-house staff and vendors in the loop on critical details

Custom BEO Templates

With BEOs, consistency and accuracy are everything. So our BEO software lets you customize your standard banquet event order template so it’s laid out with all the information you need.

Modular Layout

Easily group details into movable panels, with pre-built panels for event overview details, food-&-beverage, schedule, A/V, setup, linked docs, special requirements and signatures.

Standard + Custom Fields

You can always remove pre-built panels or show/hide standard fields in those panels as well as create your own custom fields or panels and arrange them how you wish in your BEO template.

Auto-Updating Information

When you change details elsewhere in Planning Pod (like headcounts, rooms, catering items, etc.), that info syncs with pre-built panels in the BEO tool so it is always accurate.

Event Details Panel

Have all your vital event details in every BEO, including event name, dates/times, room/space assignments, headcounts, client and internal contact details and vendors.

Food-&-Beverage Panels

Add food packages and beverage packages on the fly to your BEOs, or set them up in the event Food-&-Beverage tracking tool and auto-sync your package selections to your BEO.

Schedule Panel

This panel syncs with our Itinerary tool so you can build out your event schedule there and select the timeline items you want to display in your BEO.

Floorplan + Setup Panel

When you create a room layout for an event with our Floorplans tool and add setup instructions there, you can sync that information with the banquet event order.

Linked Invoices & Contracts

Easily pull data into BEOs from proposals, contracts and invoices that are linked to an event, including proposal totals, invoice totals/balances and signature status for contracts / proposals.

Electronic Signatures

Our banquet event order software features e-signature capabilities so you can request your clients to electronically sign off on your BEOs, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Signed BEO Versioning

View a history of all versions of a BEO that have been signed so you can easily track who signed off on what and when.

PDF Downloads & Emailing

Download cleanly formatted BEOs so you can print them out to share, or email PDFs of BEOs through our Communications tool.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

Top 8 things to look for in BEO software

Banquet event order forms are the unheralded project management tool of the events industry, probably because they have been around so long and work so well (unfortunately in the 21st Century, nobody hears about things that work like they are supposed to … we just hear about the thing that break or disfunction).

However, this short form plays a vital role in the success of many events - especially those that involve catering and beverage services. In this article, we will look at the purpose of BEOs and how BEO software can streamline the preparation and improve the accuracy of these already well-used event forms.

What is a banquet event order or BEO?

At its essence, a BEO is a single-sided sheet of paper that contains all the vital details for the day-of management of an event. They are predominantly created and used by event venues (like restaurants and hotels) to communicate key event details (like event dates/times and food orders) to a variety of event professionals, including kitchen staff, setup teams and event planners.

BEOs go by a variety of names - including event orders, function sheets, event agendas and kitchen orders - but whatever the name, their purpose is the same: to clearly define what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, where it needs to happen, what should be delivered and who are the key players involved in the production of an event.

Ideally banquet event orders should be created 14-60 days prior to the event date and should be distributed to anyone who is playing a role in the execution of an event, like chefs, banquet captains, catering managers, sales managers, front desk or personnel, beverage managers and parking attendants.

What are the benefits of using BEOs?

  • Save time from staff having to consult multiple documents or emails regarding event details.
  • Streamline processes in preparing and executing an event by outlining event logistics.
  • Reduce duplicated efforts and confusion by clearly defining responsibilities and deliverables.
  • Avoid mistakes and oversights because all stakeholders have vital details at their fingertips.

Why use banquet event order software?

Since banquet event orders seem to be so succinct, simple and straightforward to begin with, why would automating how they are created be a big benefit? That’s a good question, as many event venues today rely on BEO templates created in Microsoft Word / Excel or Google Docs / Sheets. With that said, banquet event order software tools can actually be well worth the money for several reasons, and these include:

Save time in generating new BEOs
Good BEO software not only lets you customize BEO template shells and pre-populate fields with standard language/details, but it will pull relevant data from other areas of the software so you don’t have to track it down and re-enter it (see next).

Eliminate double-entering data
Most banquet event order software apps are often part of a suite of event management software tools that give you convenient places to track event times, dates, booked rooms/spaces, key contact details and headcounts as well as features to let you build and manage timelines, room setups, proposals, contracts and invoices. When a BEO tool is part of this mix, ideally you should never again have to double-enter data again to build an event order because the software automatically pulls the relevant details from other tools into the BEO.

Keep every detail up-to-date
With spreadsheet or Word document BEO templates, when one detail changes, someone on your staff has to find and open the file and manually make each change. This means every staff member must be diligent in keeping these forms accurate at all times. BEO software simplifies keeping details current because when one person makes a change to headcounts or event dates or food-and-beverage choices, that data is automatically synced to the BEO so it is always current.

Collaborate easily in maintaining BEOs
Often different venue staff members are in charge of different details, which now means they all must be able to access the same files and be diligent in keeping them current. Banquet event order software helps solve this problem in two ways: 1) by consolidating all event information - including BEOs - in one central place, and 2) by allowing multiple users to access and manage this information, often from the Web if the software is cloud-based.

Standardize BEO formats and information
By controlling the layout, format and templated information for your orders using a BEO software application, anyone on your team can easily follow your lead and build out a detailed BEO that is always consistent. This consistency is key because BEOs are built to be at-a-glance documents where each employee knows where to look for details that relate to their duties.

Simplify sharing BEOs with staff and clients
BEOs aren’t static, infrequently consulted documents … they are a key communication tool for event professionals that they will review frequently in the days leading up to an event. As such, you want a way to easily create and then share BEOs with your stakeholders and key players. Some BEO software programs include email capabilities to share up-to-date BEOs from directly inside the tool as well as download professional PDF documents that they can print out and hand out to staff.

Now let’s look at the 8 key things you should expect from a banquet event order app.

8 features every BEO software tool should have

BEO Templates
Because standardization and consistency are so vital in making BEOs easily scannable and digestible for your users, having easily customizable BEO templates at your ready is imperative. Banquet event order software lets you format your BEO templates so the information you want will be included; data are presented how you want them to appear; and you can easily brand the document with your company’s imagery.

Extensive Customization Options
Most event venues and caterers have at least a few details specific to their organization in how they run their events, and any good BEO tool should allow you to add custom fields and areas/panels to your BEO templates to accommodate for these needs. Added bonus if the application lets you brand your forms with your business logo, color and contact information.

Simple Sharing Capabilities
A banquet event order does no good if it isn’t shared with people who depend on the information it contains. So BEO software should be equipped with at least the ability to download cleanly formatted PDFs, and ideally you should also be able to send emails with PDF attachments from inside the application itself.

Standard Event Details … Auto-Generated
There are several top-line event details that you see in almost every BEO, and they usually include:

  • Event name
  • Event dates/times
  • Headcounts
  • Venue room/space assignments
  • Key contact information - client(s), venue point-of-contact, sales manager, facility manager, etc.
  • Vendor/contractor contact information

Any banquet event order software worth its salt will offer areas for this information, but the best will sync these details from other parts of the system so you don’t have to re-add that information in the BEO.

Food-and-Catering Items
BEOs are a key document for communication with kitchen staff as to what catered items need to be prepared and in what quantities. BEO programs offer areas for including food packages and items (including entrees, side dishes, appetizers, soups, salads and desserts) as well as item counts and possibly costs. Also make sure there’s a way to add dietary concerns.

Electronic Signature Collection
Gone are the days when you had to chase down a client to sign off on a BEO so they agree to the final details of the event before it occurs. Now software can let you email BEOs to clients, have them sign off on the event order online and remind you when they haven’t applied their signature yet. An added bonus for applications that give you an opportunity to add a field for legal terms-and-conditions (like guarantees, minimums, cancellation clauses, etc.).

Schedule or Order of Events
This is the “when” part of a banquet event order that tells people on your BEO distribution list when certain key items for the event will be happening. The most common items include setup/teardown times, event start/end times and food/beverage service times, but a good BEO software tool will let you add pretty much any item to your event schedule so everyone is aware of when things are supposed to occur.

Setup Instructions and Floor Plan Designs
Your setup crew certainly needs to know where to place tables, chairs, floors, stages, decor, audio-visual equipment (microphones, projectors, etc.) and any other furniture or devices required for the event. As such, the tool you use should have a place for adding short equipment lists and setup instructions, and a gold star goes to those applications that include the ability to build and attach floor plan setup designs as a visualization aid for staff and event planners.

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