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Boost your venue’s productivity and profits by organizing all your event details in one convenient online platform

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Improve how you manage bookings

Lots can fall through the cracks when you’re bouncing between spreadsheets, emails and multiple apps. Our banquet hall management system provides 20+ integrated tools, including intuitive event calendars and scheduling tools, so you are always on top of every reservation.

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Automate processes to improve efficiency

From handling leads and proposals to tracking contracts, F&B orders, billing and payments, our tools let you manage the entire lifecycle of every event and create processes and workflows that will save you and your staff tons of time.

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Enhance your customers’ experience

Simplify how your customers do business with you from Day One and make a big impression on them with our cloud-based solutions for communicating via email, creating branded quotes and invoices, sharing event planning tools and making it easy for them to pay online.


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 Track bookings with flexible event calendars

Now you and your team can manage space and room bookings with one easy-to-use, color-coded event calendar tool. Never double book an event with our time/space conflict alerts. Track one or multiple rooms and use "room view" to see your facility’s availability. Sync with other popular electronic calendars like Google Calendar, iCal and Outlook. Easily add inquiries, tours, walkthroughs, appointments and holds for prospects.

"Great for scheduling and verifying that we do not overbook ... organizes all the information about an event in one place so all staff members can access it at any time."
- Abbey Brown, The Brownstone Topeka

- Abbey Brown, The Brownstone Topeka

 Collaborate online with staff and clients

With our Web-based banquet and wedding venue management software, you and your staff can access information and share tools in real time plus communicate with clients and prospects. Our event email software tool lets you integrate with your existing email addresses/platform so you can send, receive and track all event-related communications from one centralized inbox. At-a-glance event dashboards, downloadable reports and timely reminders keep everyone on the same page. Invite unlimited users into your account and control their access permissions.

Andrea Reed, Sanctuary on the River

"Planning Pod has made life easier for everyone, including our staff and customers. And we love our customers having the ability to quickly pay online!"
- Andrea Reed, Sanctuary on the River

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 Manage your sales, billings and event orders

Track every customer detail from first inquiry through final payment and automate tasks with our business tools for events. Collect inquiries with webforms you can embed on your website and manage your sales pipeline. Create itemized event proposals and send out electronic contracts to collect signatures online. Use our food-and-beverage tools to set up F&B items and packages, manage F&B orders and generate detailed banquet event orders and custom F&B catering menus. Build detailed invoices plus set up payment installment schedules and reminders. And collect payments online for events via our integrations with credit card payment processors.

 Stay on top of event details with ease

Effortlessly store and organize thousands of event details like dates, headcounts, event timelines, staff/vendor task assignments and much more with our banquet hall management system. Track menus and food/beverage items and build banquet event orders (BEOs) to share with catering, kitchen and front-of-house staff. Create to-scale event floor plans and room setup layouts. And even manage attendees with event registration, online RSVP and on-site guest check-in tools.

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 Easy to use and to integrate with other apps

Because our banquet facility software is Web based and mobile friendly, you and your team can access it anywhere, anytime and on any device, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, PCs and Macs. All packages include comprehensive email/phone support plus training. You can customize your account with your brand plus create templates for proposals, invoices, task lists and more. And our platform integrates with thousands of other applications like Quickbooks, Xero and Salesforce via the Zapier platform.

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Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

9 must-have banquet hall management software tools

Whether you run a banquet hall or wedding venue or manage banquet sales for a hotel, restaurant or club, you are in the business of creating unforgettable experiences for your customers and their guests. And a big part of creating these experiences is to be able to take their input and ideas and turn them into a smooth-running event that is the realization of their vision.

To do this, at some point you must address a critical challenge ... how to collect and organize all the data regarding your events (including customer input) and establish processes for you and your team to manage and implement this information effectively.

Many banquet venues start out by using spreadsheets and off-the-shelf e-calendars to track this information, but eventually they outgrow these tools because they simply were not built to 1) handle larger event loads, 2) work together seamlessly and 3) respond to the very specific needs of banquet hall managers.

Thankfully, with the boom of Web-based software in recent years, there are now a handful of excellent online banquet and wedding venue management software options available to you.

First off, why use online banquet hall software? Well, the benefits of using such tools are myriad (which is why thousands of event venues have starting using them over the last several years) and they include:

  • Centralizing your data and information in one place so it’s easy to store and find.
  • Standardizing how you take in inquiries and track event bookings.
  • Being able to track every event from beginning to end.
  • Generating more revenues and improving ROI through creating efficiencies and minimizing lost data.
  • Improving the customer experience for your clients and their guests.

Second, where do you start in evaluating banquet hall management software? Before you dive into searching for applications on Google, I would advise that you first create a list of jobs or tasks that you want a piece of software to help you accomplish. Examples could be "help me manage my event bookings" or "streamline our sales funnel."

This list can be as long or as short as you need it to be, but what you will do is take this list and then compare it to the list of features of the software platforms you are assessing. This way you will find a solution that fits your specific needs - whether it’s an all-in-one type application or a more specialized platform that focuses on particular functions that you need.

With that said, what should you expect a reception or wedding venue software to do for you? Here are nine must-have features you should expect every platform to contain.

1. Event Bookings Calendar

Any banquet management system that you consider MUST have some sort of banquet hall booking software tool at its core. At the least, this tool should allow you to add bookings easily as well as track prospective event dates, sales appointments, food tastings, walkthroughs and the like. It should also alert you when you are about to double book a particular room or time so that you don’t double-book events. And it should be able to sync with other electronic calendars (especially if you are using one currently for your business).

2. Reporting and Data Insights

Not only should wedding venue management software enable you to easily store and retrieve event information, but it should also arrange this information in a way to give you key insights so you can make better decisions for your hospitality business based on actual data. Such tools include flexible reporting on financials, open invoices, revenues/sales, event bookings and facility usage. They also include overview dashboards for providing up-to-the-minute status on events plus reminders and notifications so nothing slips through the cracks.

3. Collaboration Capabilities

Whether you run a single venue or a multi-venue business, you most likely have staff members with whom you need to work closely in order to deliver amazing experiences. As such, your software needs to facilitate collaboration with both team members as well as contractors, vendors and clients. This would first entail the ability to add additional users to your account and set their access permissions. However, this can also include event email communications and text messaging tools from inside the application as well as task management capabilities. Some platforms may offer file storage and even staff scheduling tools (although other stand-alone applications may handle these functions better).

4. Billing and Budgeting

How and when you get paid can make a big difference when it comes to your facility’s cash flow, so you want to make sure your banquet hall management software enables you to establish fluid processes for creating and sending invoices and collecting payments. Helpful features here include the ability to create custom packages; charge for things like taxes, gratuities and service charges; and establish automated payment schedules for invoices. In addition, online credit card payment processing can expedite how fast you get paid (but make sure your provider is PCI compliant). Finally, budgeting tools can help you keep track of costs and profits.

5. Inquiry and Lead Tracking

This can entail a wide variety of functions, but generally it includes CRM tools for events for tracking contact information and communications, lead pipeline management tools, and online booking forms or inquiry widgets. In addition, you should look for platforms that offer quote and proposal builder tools, online contracts management and electronic signature capture abilities.

6. Catering and Food Management

Whether you run your own kitchen or catering service or contract out your food-and-beverage services, you will still need some kind of banquet booking software tool to manage catering orders placed by your customers. Not only should the tool be able to store basic details (headcounts, setup/teardown times, packing lists, delivery instructions, etc.) but it should also be able to track your food-and-beverage items and packages (including descriptions, images, recipes, portion sizes, unit costs) and F&B orders as well as produce documents like BEOs, chef sheets or run sheets. In addition, it’s helpful to be able to create banquet hall floor plans and/or wedding venue floor plans to show your staff who should be delivered which meals. Inventory, resource and rental management tools aren’t usually included in such platforms, but it’s a plus if they are.

7. Customer Relationship Management

Many venues keep their lights on thanks to repeat customers, so making a big impression with customers is a big deal if you want them to rent again. This means having banquet hall management software that simplifies how your customers do business with you. This can include online customer portals or account logins; the ability to share value-add tools like attendee management, event website and registration/ticketing tools; and streamlined document sharing (like contracts and proposals) for quick reviews and approvals.

8. Integrations With Other Platforms

In this day and age, there’s no reason why you should be double-entering data into multiple applications, and so your wedding venue management software platform should be able to integrate with other applications and share data with them. Most venues typically use between 5-15 separate pieces of software at any given time (including tools like Quickbooks, Xero, Google Drive, MailChimp and Dropbox as well as point-of-sale programs and social media apps like Hootsuite), and so it is a huge timesaver if your venue software can share data with these other apps.

9. Easy to Use, Set Up and Afford

Although not technically a "feature," user friendliness is a big factor in whether you and your staff will actual use the application on a daily basis. As such, you should look for banquet hall management software that has an intuitive user interface; logical navigation structure; and offers support and training. In addition, companies that offer demos and free trials let you see for yourself how the tool will work before buying it and whether you will see value in it in the long run. Finally, you should consider your budget for software and if a tool is affordable based on your needs and what you have set aside to spend.

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