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Open Position
Senior Python/AWS Developer

We are seeking someone who embraces the concept that code serves as a mere instrument, and possesses the ability to come up with functional, efficient solutions based on the needs of the end user.

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We are seeking an experienced Senior Python Developer with expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Serverless architecture to join our dynamic team.

As a Senior Python Developer, you will play a critical role in developing and optimizing APIs within the AWS platform. The ideal candidate will be well-versed in AWS services such as API Gateway, Lambda Functions, EventBridge, Step Functions, SNS, SQS, memcached/Redis and Cognito, and possess a deep understanding of object-oriented event-driven architecture. Additionally, proficiency in caching solutions such as memcached/Redis is required. If you are a critical thinker, problem solver, and forward thinker who thrives in an autonomous work environment, we encourage you to apply.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and optimize APIs on the AWS platform using Python, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security.
  • Utilize AWS services such as API Gateway, Lambda Functions, EventBridge, Step Functions, SNS, SQS and Cognito to architect and implement serverless solutions.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into technical solutions.
  • Design and implement object-oriented event-driven architecture to support the development of scalable and efficient systems.
  • Work autonomously to meet benchmarks and deadlines as assigned, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality code.
  • Act as a critical thinker and problem solver, identifying opportunities for optimization and improvement in existing systems and processes.
  • Take a forward-thinking approach to development, considering the long-term roadmap and user experience when planning and executing assignments.

Key Requirements:

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in Python development, with a focus on AWS Serverless architecture.
  • Expertise in AWS services including API Gateway, Lambda Functions, EventBridge, Step Functions, SNS, SQS, memcached/Redis and Cognito.
  • Strong understanding of object-oriented event-driven architecture and its application in developing scalable systems.
  • Proven ability to work autonomously and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and a critical thinker mindset.
  • Forward-thinking approach to development, with the ability to understand the big picture and how assignments fit into the overall roadmap and user experience.

Job Type: Full time (40 hours per week) 3 Month Contract with option to renew or direct hire

Compensation: $8,000 - $10,000 per month based on qualifications and experience

Join our team and make an impact on the future of our platform with your expertise in Python and AWS Serverless development!

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Open Position
Senior Sales Representative

We are looking for a self-driven sales representative who embraces challenges and enjoys the flexible atmosphere of a remote-work tech company.

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You are great match if you are:

  • A natural at engaging with people … especially a good listener.
  • A dyed-in-the-wool self-starter and finisher.
  • Well-versed in consultative selling that prioritizes product/customer fit and customer education
  • Able to present and sell software to audiences that span the spectrum of tech-savviness (from experts to newbies)
  • Accustomed to setting goals and structuring your time properly to achieve them.
  • Fearless in getting on Zoom calls and phone calls with new prospects and persistent in connecting with them.
  • Relentless in following up with leads in your pipeline and laser-focused on closing those leads that are a good fit for our platform.
  • Thrilled to see an empty email inbox and empty voicemail inbox at the end of every work day.

During your first 2 months as a sales representative at Planning Pod, you will report to your sales onboarding manager. Following a successful onboarding period, you will then work remotely with daily check-ins and meetings with your manager and the sales team. The ideal candidate embraces working at home and has a quiet space/office in their home to accomplish their responsibilities.

About Planning Pod

Planning Pod is a nimble startup company that offers event management Software-as-a-Service to event venues, catering companies and event planning professionals. As a small-but-mighty tech company, we need each staff member to be flexible to take on additional responsibilities and learn new skills related to their job; the right candidate welcomes and seeks out these challenges.


This role is a hybrid inbound / outbound sales representative position, with most of your time spent on inbound sales. Each day your responsibilities can include:

  • Responding, engaging and qualifying inbound leads and inquiries via email, Zoom and phone.
  • Identifying ideal outbound prospects and reaching out to them to gauge interest, introduce them to our platform and initiate the sales process.
  • Assessing prospects and conducting thorough discovery/qualifying Zoom calls to assess their needs; determine if they are a good fit for our platform; and for those who are a good fit, set appointments for an online demo that you will conduct.
  • Demoing the platform for prospects via Zoom to walk them through workflows and functionality that address the needs they communicated to you earlier.
  • Following up with new leads as well as those you have demoed to drive them deeper into the sales funnel and to close them.
  • Consulting with customer care and onboarding team members to efficiently direct prospects and customers to the appropriate person and ensure that they receive prompt attention.

You will be expected to:

  • Identify prospects’ needs and pain points quickly.
  • Qualify prospects and, if their needs align with our offerings, move them on to a demo.
  • Intuitively understand who our ideal customers and different target audiences are and be comfortable turning away prospects who do not fit those definitions.
  • Serve as a subject matter expert on the Planning Pod platform and the offerings that we provide.
  • Thoroughly learn the software to the extent that you can competently present it to a prospect online in the form of a Zoom demo.
  • Track your progress with prospects and leads and document interactions with them via the Close software platform.
  • Communicate in different channels, especially via Zoom, email and on the phone.
  • Meet any sales quotas, goals and requirements established in advance.
  • Refine your approach, processes, scripts, etc., to better connect with and serve our target market.
  • Identify and help to develop resources that will improve the sales process and conversion rate.
  • Provide feedback to developers and executive staff that would enhance the product as well as the overall customer experience.
  • Independently plan, organize and prioritize your work; you will wear a few hats in this role, and since you will be working remotely, you need to be an energetic self-starter who is diligent about completing your work.
  • Work 40+ hours/week based on the demands of the position and the current lead pipeline.

Soft Skills

  • You are energized by talking to people and building relationships.
  • You can empathize with people and engage with them in a way that they KNOW you care about them and their needs.
  • You are a team player who can both follow and lead.
  • You are Web-savvy and a quick adapter to new technology.
  • You can make decisions, solve problems and understand who is and is not an ideal customer for Planning Pod.

Work Experience/Technical Skills

  • At least 2+ years of sales experience - inbound and outbound software experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated success in sales prospecting.
  • Proficient in using tech tools for communicating with and tracking prospects (including CRM/sales applications, customer support software, online communications tools).
  • Experience cold emailing and cold calling to prospects identified by you or the marketing team.
  • Very strong communication skills, including phone, Zoom, email and social media.

A Big Plus...

  • Expertise in sales for Software-as-a-Service platforms or similar Web-based technology.
  • Previous experience in the events industry.

Educational Requirements

  • 4-year college degree or 2-year associate's degree preferred.


  • $55,000 annual base salary.
  • Potential for $40,000+ in commissions per year
  • Retirement savings plan with company contribution
  • 10 personal days in Year 1; after that 15 personal days each year
  • Health insurance premiums paid for employee
  • Freedom of working remotely from your home after the onboarding period

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $55,000.00 - $95,000.00+ per year

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