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Planning Pod saves event professionals ~62 hours every month by keeping them better organized and centralizing their event details and communications.

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Two solutions ... one popular platform

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See how our online venue management software can streamline your processes, shorten your sales cycles and enhance your brand, allowing you to focus on growing revenues and event bookings.


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Events have hundreds of moving parts and vital details. Our online event management software makes sure you and your team stay on top of every single one while giving you the big picture.


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Choosing Planning Pod as your events control center enables you to ...

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 Track every detail in one convenient place

Spreading your data over many spreadsheets, stand-alone apps and emails makes your job harder. We integrate two dozen event-specific tools into one platform so every detail is at your fingertips.

"Keeps all my event details and communications in one location ... neat, clean and organized."
- Maggie Richard, Maggie's Misc.


 Minimize oversights and mistakes

Sometimes it only takes one missed deadline, lost file, misplaced email or dropped assignment to create chaos. Planning Pod makes your work life drama-free with tools that keep you organized and on track.


"Makes my life much easier ... no more tracking thousands of emails and documents."
- Lise Sansom, Lythwood Lodge

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 Manage your time better

Anyone who manages events wears too many hats. Our tools simplify tasks and automate complex processes, freeing up your time and minimizing busywork so you can breathe.

"Saves us so much time and keeps us organized with managing so many events."
- Julia O'Grady, ITM Events


 Keep your team and clients in the loop

Our tools make it easy to communiate and coordinate with others. Centalize your event communications with integrated email tools and invite users into your account to start collaborating and sharing information.

"The core of our venue business ... our sales and event management staff are always in sync."
- Tony Galluzzo, Church Ranch Event Center

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 Extend what Planning Pod can do by integrating with other applications

We integrate with Zapier so you can push your Planning Pod data to other popular platforms like Quickbooks, Xero, MailChimp, Google, Slack and Salesforce. Create custom workflows outside of PP for convenience.

"I don't need to go from website to website or software to software to keep things up to date."
- Renee Wilson, Enchanting Events


Getting started with Planning Pod is easy

Every software platform requires a period of transition, but we dramatically shorten the learning curve with:

Intuitive tools and features you can learn in a single sitting

Comprehensive help resources including how-to videos

Customer care experts available to answer your questions

Customized training programs based on your needs*

*Included in all enterprise-level packages
Training & customer care reps to answer your questions
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Ready to take control of your events?

Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

How online event management software helps event planners create amazing experiences

The best web-based software for planning events gives event coordinators a big advantage over managing events with more traditional tools (such as spreadsheets, paper binders, emails and single-function apps). These advantages include:

  1. Event registration and ticketing via the Web - Attendees can conveniently RSVP or register for events online, make payments and manage their details at their leisure.
  2. Automation of behind-the-scenes processes - Online tools can take complex logistical, communications and staffing challenges and apply timesaving workflows to them, improving efficiency and follow-through.
  3. Enhanced productivity - By integrating task management tools, calendars, email communications, reminders, dashboards and reports, online event management software makes sure event organizers are always in-the-know and team members are accountable.
  4. End-to-end attendee management - Every attendee detail is always a click away, from ticketing details and registration preferences to event check-in status and assigned seating.
  5. Reusable templates to save time - Build out templates for event budgets, timelines/schedules and event floorplan layouts just once and use them over and over again for future events.
Jeff Kear · Owner, Planning Pod

What is online venue management software and how does it benefit venues and facilities

Feeling the pressure of increased competition, event venues and facilities are finding they need to be as responsive and efficient as possible to serve an ever-demanding clientele. So many are turning to venue software to give them an edge.

The best online venue management software combines a number of tools essential to venues into one platform, including:

  1. Event booking management - Double booking a client is a venue manager’s worst nightmare, so an advanced calendaring, scheduling and event booking system are a must.
  2. Room and space tracking and layout - Allocate spaces for events, view availability and create to-scale event room floorplans in short order.
  3. Billing, estimating and contracts - Managing event proposals, tracking event client invoices and payments, and collecting electronic signatures for event-related contracts can be a time-consuming task, and online tools allow for the creation of templates and automations that save time and resources.
  4. Event email communications - Send and receive event- and business-related emails from multiple email addresses and track all emails related to your events, clients and leads from one centralized event email communications software tool.
  5. Food-and-beverage management - Catering software tools let you have all your menus, recipes and equipment lists at your fingertips to create things like banquet event orders in a matter of minutes.
  6. Staff management and team collaboration - Coordinating with your team and keeping everyone on the same page is much easier when all data and communications are maintained in one convenient place.