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Online File Sharing software will be included in the Planning Pod software suite


Venue Management Software

Perfect for event centers, hotels, restaurants, corporate facilities, non-profit venues and reception halls.

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Event Management Software

Perfect for corporate events, meetings, weddings, galas, fundraisers, educational events and more.

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"I love Planning Pod because it's an affordable and amazing tool that keeps me organized and saves me SO much time."
- Jennifer Pochobradsky, Harper Hadley Events

Jennifer Pochobradsky, Harper Hadley Events

File Sharing

 Upload and share files effortlessly

Sharing files with staff, clients and contractors is often a very critical part of running your events and making sure everything gets done on time. Our online file sharing software tool lets you share files, documents and images easily and quickly. You can upload an unlimited number of files for each event, and our system timestamps each upload so you can track different versions of the same file.

"Planning Pod has made planning and coordinating events much easier for me. It has simplified the process and saved me time that I can use focusing on others tasks."
- Tatiana Fortune, Moments of Fortune Events

Tatiana Fortune, Moments of Fortune Events

 Share and collect input on images and pictures

In addition to our online file share software tool, you can also manage your imagery for each project with our image gallery. Simply upload your images; give them a name and description; and then collect comments and feedback on each image from team members and clients. A great way to get input on ideas regarding decor, color, room / seating arrangements and more.

Maggie Richard, Maggie's Misc.

"I often juggle multiple projects and events at one time. Planning Pod helps me keep these projects in one location and allows me to add event details in a neat, clean, and organized fashion."
- Maggie Richard, Maggie's Misc.

Planning Pod Vision Board

 File uploader streamlines the process

At the center of our online file sharing program is our uploader, which lets you upload up to 10 files at a time. Simply find the files on your computer and let the uploader run until 100% of the files are uploaded.

Our online file sharing software and image gallery simplify collaboration

If you are going to use a online event planning program to collaborate with staff, clients and contractors, it needs to not only work like you need it to but it also needs to convey a professional appearance and reflect your organization's brand. Our project management program for event managers firms gives you the flexiblity to both customize the appearance of your account as well as create reusable templates so you can use the same budgets, itineraries, proposals, event details, to-do lists, checklists and legal contracts over and over again.

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